About Me

I am a fifth-generation chicken keeper and granddaughter of honest-to-goodness chicken farmers from New England, who despite raising chickens as a child and growing up in the country never dreamed that keeping a flock of backyard chickens (and writing about them!) would be in my future while working as a Wall Street accountant after college. But when my husband and I moved to a small farm in Virginia after he retired from the Navy and we brought home our first batch of peeping little fuzzballs, I knew I had finally come home to roost.

The chickens and ducks were my gateway to homesteading. For me, they were the beginning of a true passion for the homegrown food movement. I instantly loved cooking and baking with our fresh eggs, and soon wanted fresh produce to accompany the eggs. I now also grow organic herbs, vegetables and berries - and raise our animals as naturally as possible using herbal and other natural supplements.

There is  always lots going on at Fresh Eggs Daily. In addition to my blog and Facebook pages Fresh Eggs Daily and Duck Eggs Daily, I write for several magazines including Hobby Farms Chickens, Hobby Farm Home and Capper's Farmer and am a contributing writer for the online websites for HGTV Gardens, Grit Magazine and Backyard Poultry Magazine. I just completed a book called Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens....Naturally published by St. Lynn's Press which focuses on my methods of raising chickens naturally without antibiotics or chemicals. Read more about my other professional accomplishments HERE.

Over the years, I've been recognized in the media for my work educating others to raise their chickens naturally, and have been featured in several national magazines including Southern Living, Mother Earth News, Your Chickens magazine from the UK and Lifestyle Block from New Zealand. Most recently, Fresh Eggs Daily was named one of the Top 10 Gardening Blogs of 2014 by Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

Currently recently completely the Intermediate course of study at The Herbal Academy of New England, becoming a Certified Herbalist, which will only serve to enhance my credentials and the knowledge that I am able to pass along to my readers.

Fresh Eggs Daily® began as a chicken-themed Facebook page in January 2010 mainly as a place for backyard chicken keepers to share advice, photos and friendship. In the short time since, the page has grown to more than 400,000 active fans and is one of the largest and best-regarded chicken pages on Facebook, and in fact is the largest natural chicken keeping page.

In January 2012, the Fresh Eggs Daily® blog was launched and throughout that year, Fresh Eggs Daily® also became an active presence on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. A sister duck Facebook page Duck Eggs Daily branched off in May 2012 to serve the needs of avid backyard duck keepers and has grown to more than 16,000 fans. I continue to work 'round the clock to keep Fresh Eggs Daily® relevant, unique and interesting for my ever-growing fan base. I have met so many amazing people, and been on an truly incredible journey of personal growth.

Fresh Eggs Daily®, via various social media platforms, shares advice, tips and tricks to raise happy and healthy backyard flocks as naturally as possible, as well as recipes and other homesteading, gardening, DIY craft and farming ideas.

In addition to writing for the blog and various magazines, working on a second book, hosting the Facebook pages and managing my Etsy shop, I enjoy life on our farm here in Virginia and make sure that my ever-tolerant and supportive husband, chickens, ducks, horses, tuxedo cat, German Shepherd and Pembroke Welsh Corgi are happy and well fed. I would love for you to join me on my chicken-keeping journey!

Fresh Eggs Daily® - Inspiring others to live a simple, wonderful, natural farm life... everyday. Because life is just better with chickens.

Welcome !

Welcome to our new blog !  I am excited about it and hope you all will follow it as enthusiastically as you do our Fresh Eggs Daily and Ducks Too Facebook pages.

Over the coming months I will be posting a lot of good information regarding chicken feed and treats, considerations when buying or building a coop, health and first aid issues, great egg recipes and other tips on raising happy and healthy chickens.

The information will be much easier to access and organize here than on Facebook, so I hope our blog will become your go-to reference for all your chicken and duck questions.

Glad to have you as a friend.....hope to see you back often !