Nutrena Re-usable Egg Carton

Please help me welcome our newest sponsor Nutrena.  I have been feeding my girls Nutrena layer crumble for more than a year now since our local feed store started carrying it and they not only love it but they are all healthy, happy, good layers.  

And what's really exciting is the news that Nutrena Poultry Feed has a new promotion starting March 1st and running through May 31st where you can get a free re-usable egg carton when you buy 3 bags of their poultry feed.   Here's the link for complete details:

Nutrena Poultry Feeds sent me a free sample of the egg carton so I could try it out and let you know what I think….

Well, I really love it!  I love that is dishwasher safe so it can be really well sanitized. I love that it's made out of recycled plastic AND is recyclable.  I love the green color and the fact that it's perfect for camping or transporting eggs to a friend. 

I love that it latches shut securely...and I love that my duck eggs actually fit into it also.  

The lid doesn't shut over the duck eggs but at least I can store them in the frig inside the carton.

If you are already feeding your chickens Nutrena feed then you know what a quality product it is and how much they like it.  Now is a great time to stock up and get your re-usable egg carton.  If you aren't currently feeding your chickens Nutrena feed, now is a great time to try it out.   I don't think you will be disappointed in the feed or the egg carton.

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  1. Cool idea! Next time I go to coastal to buy feed I will buy three bags instead of two so I can get this!

    1. That's what I'm going to do too Makenna. I usually buy two, but stored in a dry place, a third bag won't get old or moldy before I can use it.

  2. I wonder whether they will be available for purchase anywhere after May 31. I really like them, but I can't possibly buy enough feed between now and then to get as many as I would like to have.

  3. Similar ones are available in stores that carry camping products. They protect your eggs when you go camping.