National Poultry Day

Yesterday, March 19th, was National Poultry Day.  Apparently no one really knows the origin of the Day, when or where it started, but the concensus is that it was dreamed up by the poultry industry to promote the eating of more chicken.  

Fast forward several decades, and backyard chicken keepers have put a whole new spin on the day, making it a day to celebrate your chickens not eat them !

It's a day to pamper and spoil them, spend time with them and enjoy the peace and tranquility they bring, punctuated by pecking order squabbles, fights over treats and the most affectionate vying for a spot on your lap.

Yesterday I was busy coordinating the activities on our facebook page and have to admit that other than the normal feeding and watering, fluffing the straw in the nesting boxes, collecting eggs and such, I barely paused to toss them a head of lettuce before dashing back into the house.

Although I did make them new nesting box curtains over the weekend...

But this morning I felt bad that my own chickens had been neglected on THEIR day !  
So I first scrambled up some eggs to bring down to them as a peace offering.

While the chickens enjoyed their breakfast, I filled the duck's pool with fresh water. Ten minutes of my time made for deliriously happy ducks.

Then I decided to give the chickens another treat so I turned over the dirt in part of the run and let them have at it.  I just stood back and watched as they delightedly pulled worms, grubs and bugs from the dirt.  It now looks like a bomb went off in the run - but by evening the girls will have thoroughly gone over the area with a fine tooth comb and all the soil will be turned, tilled and smoothed out. Chickens are amazing roto-tillers !

The ducks even abandoned their pool for awhile to join in the fun.

Orange Chicken knows to stick close to the shovel.  She, along with the two Graces, have figured out that the bird near the shovel gets the worm !

I think the chickens have forgiven me for not spending much time with them yesterday.  They are still busily scratching the overturned earth.

But soon, one by one, they will return to the coop to lay their beautiful eggs...

I think it's a fair tradeoff.  We're all looking forward to celebrating next year, but I certainly won't wait another year to spoil my girls.  After all, there's absolutely nothing wrong with spoiled chickens - just spoiled eggs !


  1. Love it! I too spoiled my girls yesterday, and today, and will do so again tomarrow!

  2. Great photos. Thanks for sharing your story with us. :)

    1. I say spoil your chickens every chance you get - especially since this was all free - didn't cost a dime except for my time and it made them all SO happy !

  3. Ah yes, the ever romantic sharing of worms.
    Great blog post. I think they have forgiven you. ;)