Spring is Bustin' Out All Over

I have always loved Springtime. It is a time for new beginnings, new growth, new life.

Spring on a farm is even more glorious.  It always means new chicks, and some years it bring new ducklings too.

Everywhere wild flowers are poking through the newly defrosted earth.....

and honeysuckle vines are climbing the fences.

There are bulbs blooming in the front gardens.  Sometimes squirrels will dig up the bulbs I've planted and deposit them elsewhere in the yard, so there are always a few surprises and things that need to be replanted in the right place...

We find bird's nests in the various fruit trees dotting our front yard - and soon baby birds will follow...

The bluebirds are already scoping out the various bluebird houses we have in the yard.

The rose bushes are showing new growth and starting to climb across the top of the run.

Our horse is starting to shed his winter coat...

And it's almost time to think about planting annuals in the various buckets and window boxes I have here and there...

The chickens love the warmer weather, soaking up the sun, and eating the tender green grass and weed shoots poking out of the ground...

as well as the plethora of worms and bugs that emerge from the warming soil.

Of course spring brings mud, but it's a small trade-off for the beauty and wonder of Mother Nature.

Everyone enjoys spending more time outdoors.

The fruit trees start to blossom.

The chickens immediately respond to the longer days and start laying like crazy....giving us baskets and baskets of beautifully colored eggs !

Yes, spring is definitely busting out all over here on our farm, regardless of what the calendar says.

Happy Spring !


  1. Beautiful photos. I sure hope you shared that worm with your chickens!

  2. Another BEAUTIFUL entry to your blog..!! You have an amazing talent which should be shared with all...

    1. Thank you so much ! I am so glad that you are enjoying my ramblings.

  3. Love it! Wonderful pictures! Cant wait for spring to say hello here!

  4. Oh my my... that duck photo... heart melting into a puddle of goo. Thanks for sharing this gorgeousness!

  5. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos with us! :-)

    1. Thanks for reading ! Don't you just love spring ?

  6. You seem to have Rogers and Hammerstein going through your brain...and now I do too! Piles of smiles with this post.