Sunday, September 30, 2012

VOGMASK Filtering Face Mask Review

Help us welcome our newest sponsor VOGMASK !

We all know we should be wearing a face mask when we clean our coops and sprinkle DE (diatomaceous earth) in our coops and runs.  But those plain white masks are SO boring.  I admit I wasn't ever wearing one, although I knew I should be. But since receiving this pretty blue floral mask from Vogmask, I wear it every time I sprinkle DE or refresh the bedding in the  coop - and actually enjoy wearing it!  It's super comfortable with two stretchy ear loops, and you can pinch the top to conform to the shape of your nose.

That's why we are SO excited to welcome Vogmask as a sponsor!  They sell the face masks in six different beautiful patterns.  Not only for barn chores, the masks are also great to wear for mowing if you have allergies or on cold days when you're out skiing or hiking.

From their website: "Protect your breath in style with vogmask™, the world's first good looking filtering face mask. With the choice of high-tech microfiber or organic cotton, these comfortable, reusable masks combine protection and style like never before. Whether you seek shelter from the perils of modern life or just want relief from allergies, vogmask™ has you covered."

Shop VOGMASK for cute and functional filtering face masks.

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