Homemade Citrus Curd (Lime, Lemon or Orange)

I am always on the look out for easy, delicious recipes using our fresh eggs.  I love lemon curd and recently found a recipe for lime curd. It sounded interesting and limes were on sale, so I decided to give it a try.  I had never tried making curd before, but was surprised that the technique is very similar to making Hollandaise sauce, but with more of the juice and sugar.

A Week in Farm Photos - Sept 23rd -29th

The ten best photos from the previous week around our farm. Enjoy!

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Nest Eggs

As the days grow shorter and the chill of autumn is in the air, the nesting instinct grows stronger. Nesting. It literally means creating a safe and comfy place for those you love. 

Make your own Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

Did you know that you can make your own apple cider vinegar pretty easily and very inexpensively,with just some apple peels and cores and water...and a bit of patience? I didn't know either until I started doing a bit of research.

A Week in Farm Photos - Sept 16th - 22nd

Shhh.....listen to this week's photos, I hope each one 'speaks' to you!

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Signs of Fall on the Farm

We know it's fall by looking at the calendar, but here in southeastern Virginia it can go either way temperature-wise. Sometimes the heat of summer continues well into October, while other years it's like Mother Nature flipped a switch and we are dragging out our heavy sweaters and turning on the heat just after Labor Day.

Canning 101: Easy Raspberry Jam my First Foray into Preserves

Learning how to can and make preserves had been on my bucket list for ages.  So I finally worked up the nerve this past month to gave it a whirl. Much to my surprise, it's a lot easier than I thought and SO satisfying to see the finished product and hear those jar tops pop.  

Meet Me at the Fair - The Isle of Wight County Fair

~we are lucky to live only ten minutes from the fairgrounds~

This past weekend was the annual Isle of Wight County Fair.  We always love to go and walk around the fairgrounds, eat fair food, look at the baked goods and crafts and watch the animal judging.    It was a gorgeous sunny fall day on Saturday, so we decided to pay a visit to the fairgrounds.

A Week in Farm Pictures - Sept 9th - 15th

No words necessary...

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My Home Office Makeover - Cost $6

Of late, my passion has turned into a 'job' of sorts.  I went from sharing random photos of our chickens and chatting about them on my Facebook page Fresh Eggs Daily to writing a blog where I could share more information and advice. The success of the Facebook page and blog led to offers to contribute to both the GRIT and HGTV online as freelance writing work for Hobby Farm, Backyard Poultry and Chickens magazines.

Feather Loss in Chickens - Causes and Prevention Methods

It seems that most of the time our run is littered with feathers.  Sometimes it looks like a giant pillow fight went on.  Other times I literally do a headcount to be sure all our chickens and ducks are accounted for because it looks like a mass predator attack occurred.  But in reality, it is just a normal cycle of feather growth, loss and renewal.

How to Grow your Own Garlic (it's easy!)

I have been wanting to try growing my own garlic for some time now. Not only do I cook regularly with fresh garlic and we eat a lot of it ourselves, I also supplement our chickens' diet with fresh minced garlic as well as add whole cloves to their water. For more on using garlic to keep your chickens healthy READ HERE.

A Week in Pictures - Sept 2 through 8th

Home of the new weekly 'A Farm Photo Speaks a Thousand Words' series.

 Here are my best 10,000 words for this past week:

Apple Treats for Chickens

It's apple season! Local apples are plentiful at farmer's markets, in the grocery store and if you're lucky, on the trees on your property. We feed our horses the apples from our trees when we can and store-bought apples other times of the year, and when we have extras, I like to treat the chickens with fun apple treats.

Chicken Scratch Poultry Field Trip

Suzanne and her kids recently visited Chicken Scratch Poultry (our wonderful sponsor who supplied us our hatching eggs and chicks this past spring) to pick up some new pullets for their flock.

Chicken Scratch Poultry is a NPIP-certified specialty breeder located in Illinois, owned by Larry and Angie and McEwen, that specializes in unusual and rare breeds that lay gorgeous colored eggs.

Suzanne lives not too far from the farm, so she decided to pay them a visit.  She and the kids got a personal tour which included seeing the new barn being built as well as the professional incubators.

The kids had a great time looking at all the chicks and chickens of various breeds and ages.

It looks like Wyatt drives a hard bargain! 

It seemed like the kids were leaning more towards chicks, but Suzanne already knew what she wanted...

and they loaded a variety of Ameraucanas, Marans and a coveted Coronation Sussex pullet into the car. 

Of course the kids wanted to peep in on their new family members once they got them home and settled! 

Chicken Scratch Poultry welcomes visitors to stop by to pick up hatching eggs, chicks or pullets and also ships hatching eggs, day old chicks and pullets.

Suzanne said that Larry and Angie are really wonderful people who couldn't have been more pleasant to spend the afternoon with. I can tell by my own communication with Angie that they are breeders who really care about their flock and breed preservation. We are thrilled to call them friends!