A Week in Farm Photos September 21th - 27th on Location at Moss Mountain Farm

Photo: The pumpkin house at Moss Mountain Farm.

I am sorry I missed posting my weekly farm photos this past Saturday. I was at Moss Mountain Farm outside of Little Rock for a couple of days last week giving a workshop on natural chicken keeping at the bi-annual Poultry Workshop, so I thought instead of photos of our farm, I would share some photos of P. Allen Smith's beautiful farm and chickens. I had some time after the workshop to stroll around the gardens and farm taking photos. Enjoy!

Photo: Love the garden chickens at P. Allen Smith's.

Photo: Good morning from P. Allen Smiths! Hope you're joining us for the Workshop this morning.

Photo: Good morning! We're getting ready for the Workshop. Can't wait to see some of you here!

Photo: Beautiful Light Sussex at Poultryville.

Photo: It's been a long day but I had a great time at Moss Mountain Farm today  - and of course have a share a few chickens pics with you. These White Faced Black Spanish are gorgeous.

Photo: Good morning from Moss Mountain Farm. Gorgeous geese.

Photo: Beautiful Aylesbury ducks.

Photo: P. Allen Smith has some of the most beautiful geese I've ever seen. Having a great trip so far.

-photo credit Happy Days Farm-
Photo: Leaving Little Rock. I've had a great time, but I'll be happy to get home.

Photo: Laying over in Atlanta going through some of the photos I took at

Photo: If there is a more beautiful place on earth, I'm not sure where that would be.

-I was so happy to finally meet Penny and Brittany from Happy Days Farm in person!-

I would love for you to join me here...
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