Over the years, I've tried a good many of the chicken products available on the market. My chickens have sampled and tested all kinds of treats, feeders, bedding and other products. We've loved some and hated some. I am constantly asked for recommendations from readers and asked by companies to review their products.

I find myself using some companies and brands over and over because their products, customer service, price and quality are superior. I only work with the best, so here for your shopping convenience are some of my favorite products and companies that I personally have used and highly recommend.


Blue Seal is the official feed here at the Fresh Eggs Daily Farm and sells a full line of chicken feed from hatch through laying stages, as well as horse, rabbit, pig, cat and dog foods.

Scratch and Peck Feeds sells organic, non-GMO feed, grains and supplements not only for Chickens but also for Turkeys, Pigs and Goats from their mill on the West Coast.


Cluckin' Good Herbs is an excellent feed supplement to naturally provide your chickens with the health benefits of herbs. This is the first co-branded product officially endorsed by Fresh Eggs Daily.

Manna Pro sells a full line of poultry feed, treats, supplements, supplies and accessories. Also horse, goat and rabbit feeds.

Probios is specifically designed to be added to your flock's feed to provide probiotics for optimal digestive health.

Rooster Booster sells poultry feed additives and supplements, as well as products to control poultry cannibalism, picking, and pecking,enhance and promote good health, in addition to better bone and egg development.

Thomas Labs Garlic Powder and Brewer's Yeast is a beneficial supplement that I add to my flock's daily feed for the niacin as well as immune system benefits.

Thomas Labs C-Kelp aids in digestion and provides essential vitamins and minerals to your chickens.


Chubby Mealworms sells dried meal worms in bags from one pound all the way up to 44 pounds! Also dried silkworm pupae.

Cluckin' Good Grubs from Scratch and Peck Feeds are a wonderful protein source for your chickens and ducks, especially during molting season.

Happy Hen Treats is a trusted source for a variety of chickens treats and other accessories.

Mealworms by the Pound sells live and dried meal worms and super worms, plus wax worms, crickets and shrimp.


Royal Rooster sells unique feeders and waterers designed to keep your chickens' water clean and reduce waste and spillage.


Brinkhaven Acres sells eggcitingly rare breed hatching eggs and day old chicks. 

Cackle Hatchery offers over 190 different varieties of poultry and has been shipping day old chicks since 1936.

Chickens for Backyards offers one day-old chickens, ducks, turkeys, and guineas and only requires a minimum order of three to make it easy to start, or add on to, a small backyard flock.

Metzer Farms is a family-owned business (running since 1972) offering a wide variety of duck and goose breeds and offering a low minimum order of just two ducklings or goslings to help you get started with your flock.

Meyer Hatchery ships a wide variety of hatching eggs as well as chicks, ducklings and juvenile chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas and quail, all with low minimum orders. Also gifts and supplies.

My Pet Chicken is a boutique hatchery offering a wide variety of chicken breeds, including their own Favaucana, plus coops and all kinds of supplies for your pet chickens.


Horizon Structures sells a wide variety of chicken coops in various sizes, coop kits as well as sheds and other outbuildings.

Omlet sells beautiful, easy to maintain products which give you more time to spend with your chickens. 
Urban Coop Company handmakes their line of luxury coops in various sizes and styles right here in the USA.


Absorbent Products offers a naturally occurring blend of diatomaceous earth and calcium montmorillonite for superior absorption. Organic and food-safe it can be added to feed as an anti-caking and insect control agent as well as a coop bedding additive.  Sprinkled in and around the feeders, it reduces the number of flies and helps keep the coop parasite-free.

Chick Flic doesn't just mask ammonia odors in the coop, it eliminates them.

Dookashi is an all natural non-GMO product that reduces ammonia in the coop to keep your chickens healthier and speeds up the composting process to produce nutrient- rich chicken manure out of your coop litter.

ProTerra DEsect is designed specifically for poultry and made from a special grade of diatomaceous earth (DE). DEsect LP Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide is a biogenic mineral that is mined from special deposits in the earth with no chemical additives or toxins to kill insects in and around coops, stalls, bedding, and on the animal.

Fresh Coop™ Odor Control eliminates harmful ammonia levels, controls odors and absorbs moisture to provide your backyard chickens with a healthier and drier environment in the coop.

Herbs for Hens Coop Confetti™ is my signature mix of organic nest box herbs which will help to keep your coop insect- and rodent-free, your laying hens stress-free and your coop smelling fresh.

Spalding Fly Predators  are the preferred natural fly control method on our farm. Trust me, they work!


Brinsea sells our preferred incubator and brooder EcoGlow heater. Take 10% off any order using the promo code FRESH at checkout.

The Chicken Spinner is a practical, fun interactive feeder for your chickens that keeps treats out of the dirt and accessible to your entire flock.

Eggcartons.com sells a wide variety of egg cartons, egg baskets, egg scales, nesting boxes, incubators and so much more.

Fowl Play Products are the inventors of the Chicken Swing. Yup, really. A swing. For chickens.

NiteGuard solar predator lights give me peace of mind at night, knowing that I've got an additional layer of security for our chickens against nocturnal predators.

Predator Pee is the best way to keep predators away from your coop and chickens. Whether you battle foxes, raccoon, weasels, rats or larger predators like coyotes, wolves or bobcats, there's a urine product for you!

Premier 1 Supplies sells a wide range of poultry supplies including fencing, feeders, waterers, brooder heat lamps and more.

Tractor Supply Company sells everything for your country living needs both online and a local store near you.


Kocci Free is an all-natural coccidiosis preventive and treatment.

Nutri-drench offers a burst of nutrients in a molasses base to give a leg up to an ailing chicken.

Green Goo is my go-to herbal first aid salve for animals.

Verm-X is a safe, herbal wormer to keep your flock parasite-free.

Vet-Rx the all natural respiratory relief product for your flock.

Waxelene is an all natural alternative to petroleum jelly and can be used to prevent and treat frostbit and scaly leg mites.


Bogs Footwear sells super durable, attractive boots for all your farm and country living activities.

Duluth Trading Company is my preferred outfitter for life on the farm... and beyond.

Fluffy Layers sells unique egg collecting aprons in several styles and prints.

LL Bean. We live in Maine. Need I say more?

The Original Muck Boot Company sells work and play boots to keep your feet warm and dry in style.


Botanical Interests  sells organic flower, vegetable and herb seeds in beautifully illustrated packets. They make a wonderful stocking stuffer or gift in addition to a great source for seeds for your own garden.

Gardener's Supply Company sells a wide variety of supplies for the discriminating gardener. If they don't sell it, you probably don't need it.


Herbal Academy of New England offers online herbal courses that you can enroll in and move at your own pace. Choose from the introductory or intermediate course.


Backyard Poultry is a bi-monthly publication that features not only chickens but also ducks and geese on its pages.

Chickens Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine focusing on raising chickens.

Hobby Farms is a bi-monthly magazine bringing you practical advice whether you farm for pleasure or profit.

Your Chickens is the superb monthly magazine for British henkeepers - and those of us 'stateside' too!


Amazon sells anything and everything you can't find elsewhere.

Ball Canning jars for canning and preserving available now in the heritage colors green, blue and purple.

Beekman 1802 Mercantile sells a wide variety of handcrafted and artisan products for the kitchen, home and body. All made right here in the USA by a group of talented folks.

Whimsical Years Photography sells beautiful art prints and note cards depicting farm life.

Thank you for supporting our sponsors. It's because of them that this site continues to run. Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning if you click on the link and purchase something, I may receive a portion of that sale, at no additional cost to you, however I always only recommend companies/products that I personally work with, use and can recommend in good conscience.

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