Take a Peek at our Week May 13-19

May 19, 2018

So this week was a bit bittersweet. We started off by burying Charlotte, our flock matriarch that we lost back in February and who was in the deep freezer in the barn until the ground defrosted. She was such a good chicken and I still think the other girls miss her. I know I do. I thought it was very fitting to bury her on Mother's Day since she was such a good 'mother hen' to so many chicks over the years. 

Avocado Sage Deviled Duck Eggs

May 17, 2018

When eggs are plentiful and we have a barbeque or other social event to go to, I love to bring a tray of deviled eggs. For Memorial Day this year, I decided to share with you my deviled duck egg recipe using fresh sage from the garden.

Handling a Bully in your Chicken Flock

May 15, 2018

Chickens are the original Mean Girls.  You can't raise them for too long before you realize that. Hard as it may be to believe (almost as hard as believing that your sweet family pet dog is a chicken killer!), chickens can be downright nasty. Sure, they can also be sweet and cuddly and adorable, but in the blink of an eye, they will turn on a flock member.

Take a Peek at my Week May 6-12

May 12, 2018

Although it's still a tad bit early to think about planting seeds outside here in Maine (we usually wait until Memorial Day), the trees are bursting with buds and our tulips are in full bloom. The grass is green and my perennial herbs like mint, thyme, lavender, thyme and cat mint are coming back to life. It was so nice to be at home all week and just be able to relax, whip up some pancakes for breakfast using some of our fresh eggs and continue to dream about spring even as the temperatures dipped down to freezing again last night!

Ducks Need Niacin (aka Ducks Love Peas!)

May 8, 2018

Anyone who has ever raised ducks can attest to the fact that ducks LOVE peas! Don't believe me? Just toss some fresh or frozen peas into their water tub and watch how excited that makes them. They generally like anything green floating in water, but they especially love peas. And there just might be a good reason for that. Peas are high in niacin.

Take a Peek at my Blue Seal Chick Days Tour!

May 5, 2018

Whew! I'm finally home (for awhile at least!) after finishing the last leg of my nearly six-week tour of New England with Blue Seal Feed. I had such a great time. I want to personally thank everyone who came to one of my almost two dozen events. It was so nice to be able to say hello and put a face to the names I see on social media. I also want to thank everyone at Blue Seal who worked so hard to ensure the tour went as smoothly as it did.  

How Much Space Does a Homestead Need for Livestock?

April 30, 2018

I think many of us (myself included!) dreamed of owning a farm or homestead for awhile before it actually became a reality. There are lots of considerations when buying any type of property, but when you're planning on becoming a homesteader or hobby farmer, the type of livestock - and how many of each - you plan to raise should be one of the major considerations.

What is Pasty Butt: Prevention and Treatment for Baby Chicks

April 26, 2018

Pasty butt is a fairly common, potentially life-threatening condition that can occur in baby chicks. Fortunately it's easy to detect, treat and even prevent, but since it's so common, it is something that every backyard chicken keeper needs to be aware of.

10 Things to Consider Before You Start Raising Chickens

April 23, 2018

Before you dive into the world of backyard chicken keeping, there are a few things you know know. Let me help guide you through the process in this article I wrote recently for my friends at Lehman's. They offer a great selection of chicken supplies and a chicken delivery service that makes it easy to purchase baby chicks online. But before you do, be sure to read my original post at

Ten Things to Know Before Raising Chickens

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this article by Lehman's® , but all opinions are my own.

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