Can Chickens Fly?

January 22, 2019

I get asked a lot of questions week in and week out, but one of more common is "Can Chickens Fly?"  And despite the fact that they are birds and have feathers and wings, the answer is no.

Adult, standard breed domestic chickens can't fly. There's no worry that your flock of backyard chickens are going to fly away if you don't feed them enough yummy treats.

They won't migrate to Florida when it gets cold (although I do have to say we see far more airborne chickens in the winter than the summer!)

At most, they might be able to clear the fence in your backyard to nibble on your neighbor's tasty-looking perennials, or fly up into a tree to escape a wandering dog, but in reality they have very little motivation to try to fly - even if they could.

Take a Peek at my Week Jan 13 to 19

January 19, 2019

It's been cold this week here in Maine. Like really cold. I don't think it's gone above freezing in days and we're easily falling below zero overnight with the wind chill.  But the coop is filled with nice fresh straw, I've been a bit more generous with yummy treats each afternoon, and our chickens and ducks are taking it all in stride. They're such troopers! 

Our new layers are keeping us in eggs, which is such a nice bonus of getting new chicks each spring, but our new little ducks still haven't produced anything. But... I did spy a little nest in one corner of the coop, so maybe that means they're getting ready to start laying! 

We're on the cusp of a pretty big storm which is predicted to dump 18-24" inches of snow on us over the next two days or so, so stay tuned for some pretty major snow photos coming your way on Instagram next week! In the meantime, take a peek at our week! 

Preparing your Chickens for a Blizzard or Snowstorm

January 17, 2019

There's a blizzard on the way. But although more than two feet of snow is predicted this go-around for us here in Maine, there's not a whole lot I need to do to get ready for it - as far as the chickens are concerned. But it is important to be sure supplies are stocked and I have plenty of feed and bedding.

How to Make Homemade Mayonnaise

Happy Thursday! That means it's time for another delicious egg recipe from my friend Kate at Framed Cooks!

This week she's sharing her easy recipe for homemade mayonnaise.

7 Simple Ways to Prevent Frostbite in Backyard Chickens

January 15, 2019

Frostbite can occur in the cold months in your chicken flock if you're not careful.  Although usually not life-threatening, it can be painful for the chicken and also in extreme cases lead to infection and/or loss of the frostbitten appendage (usually combs, wattles, toes or feet).  

When temperatures dip into the single digits, especially overnight when your flock is cooped up, the danger of frostbite becomes real. But I've put together 7 simple ways to prevent frostbite in backyard chickens.

Take a Peek at Our Week - Jan 6 to 12

January 12, 2019

I hate to sound like a broken record, but this week was all about snow, snow and more snow. Oh, and some beautiful eggs from our new layers. 

I was supposed to be working on an outline for my next book to send to my editor, but instead I was a bit of a slacker and just relaxed and enjoyed the beauty that is Maine in the winter! 

No worries. My next book won't be out until March of 2020, so I have plenty of time to make my deadlines. 

In the meantime, enjoy this peek at our week.

Fresh Egg and Bacon Soup

January 10, 2019

Happy Thursday! That means it's time for another delicious egg recipe from my friend Kate at Framed Cooks!

Winter has set in with all its fury - snow, wind, freezing temperatures - here in Maine and for many in other parts of the country, so we decided this week to share a recipe for Fresh Egg and Bacon Soup!

Chicken Coop Curtains "Pretty with a Purpose"

January 8, 2019

When you live in cold climates, keeping your chicken coop as warm as possible in the winter (without using actual electric heat, that is) is critical. 

Chickens are fairly cold-hardy, but once the temperatures start to dip into the single digits, they appreciate some warmth in the coop, especially at night while they are sleeping.

Take a Peek at our Week Dec 30-Jan 5

January 5, 2019

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you're all leaping into 2019 with purpose, intention and lots of good cheer! 

I am not one to make resolutions because I always forget to keep them, but for the first time this year I decided to pick a "word" of the year. 

It's something I've never done before, but I love the idea and have been thinking about it for awhile. 

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