Welcome to my Farm Mar 17-23

Well, this week certainly flew by! While spring is definitely right around the corner, we were still treated to a random snow storm midweek. But fortunately that didn't interfere with my heading to Husson University to record a radio show at the New England School of Communications.
I was so honored to have been asked to be on the same show that "Mr. Maine", Bill Green, and bestselling author (and former editor of Down East magazine) Paul Doiron have been on. And in fact, the same day I was there, Officer Tim Cotton who writes the Bangor Police Facebook page was also on! 

Savory Parmesan Cheese French Toast

Who says French Toast has to be sweet? My friend Kate of Framed Cooks shared this savory recipe  for Savory Parmesan Cheese French Toast with me this week. I hope you enjoy it! 

How to Blow out Eggs Step by Step

Like moms who keep their children's locks of hair and baby teeth, we chicken moms often want to hold on to our first blue egg, an oddly speckled egg, or first egg - period. 

In my case, I recently wanted to keep our Cayuga duck, Kiwi's, first dozen eggs because the progression of shades from dark charcoal to pale gray was so breathtaking.

Welcome to my Farm Mar 10-16

Despite a light snowfall early in the week, spring is definitely in the air here in Maine. 

Although it will still be awhile before we can even think about planting anything outside, the air is warmer, the snow piles are melting .... and there's mud everywhere! 

Sidenote: This of course makes the ducks happy, but no one else seems too impressed! 

Mayo-Free Guacamole Egg Salad

Lighten up traditional egg salad by using an avocado in place of the mayonnaise. 

This week's egg recipe from Kate of Framed Cooks features not only heart-healthy avocados but also some sliced radishes for, as she says, "a little sass".

Welcome to my Farm - Texas Tour

Last week my producer friend Hannah and I headed out of town on a Texas road trip to promote my new TV show Welcome to my Farm and also my latest book 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks.

We flew to San Antonio where we had our first margaritas of the trip (when in Texas, right?!) and some awesome Mexican food at La Margarita at the downtown Market and then spent the next few days crisscrossing the Lone Star State visiting Waco, Robinson, Harlingen and finally Houston. 

We even stopped in to Baylor University for a surprise visit! We snagged a couple of first class seats for the flight back to Maine and arrived just after midnight Thursday.

It was pretty crazy for these New England girls to realize that we drove for over 14 hours last week and never even left the state of Texas! 

(Conversely, I drove just over three hours this weekend and managed to hit four New England states: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island) But anyway...they do say everything is bigger in Texas, even the state itself!

Best EVER Breakfast Sandwich (with Video!)

This week Kate from Framed Cooks is coming at you with her recipe for the Best EVER Breakfast Sandwich and she made a fun short video too to accompany the recipe! 

When you raise chickens, you eat a lot of eggs. I know I do! And the breakfast sandwich is one of the go-to breakfast dishes in my home.

Preventing and Treating Angel Wing in Ducklings

After almost a decade of raising ducks, I had my first encounter with a condition called "angel wing" this past spring. Fortunately, I had read about it years ago when we first started raising ducks and knew exactly what to do.

It then occurred to me that I should write an article about it for all my readers who raise ducks. This is a good one to bookmark or save on Pinterest, by the way, just in case....

Sorry it's taken me almost a year to actually get it written, though!

Welcome to my Farm Feb 24 to Mar 2

This week was SOOOOO exciting! We got our very first Cayuga duck egg! I've wanted Cayugas for so long for those dark charcoal gray eggs and our little Kiwi finally started laying. It's been so much fun to see her egg each morning. 
What started out as a jet black egg has already faded to a light charcoal gray egg in just five days.  Hopefully her eggs won't lighten up much more than that though.

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