Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Fresh eggs don't need much fussing with since they are bursting with freshness and flavor anyway, so I often find myself just lightly whisking a few with a bit of heavy cream, salt and pepper, then turning them into a sizzling skillet coated with a bit of olive oil and cooking them slowly until they are just set.  A sprinkle of fresh cut herbs - in this case some fresh dill - and there you have it...

Perfect scrambled eggs.

Remember these tips:
Scramble SLOOOOWLY over low heat
Stir or whisk the whole time - the curds will be smaller and creamier.
Move cooked eggs from the outside edges toward the inside as you whisk.
Cook only until barely set.  Just until not runny.  The eggs will continue to cook a bit after you serve them up.


  1. That sounds yummy. Eager for the day our little girls start their egg laying.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  2. They look and sound yummy :)

  3. I could eat the whole thing!! :)

  4. This looks great but I need enough eggs to make it first! I searched your blog for information on how to stop egg eating but didn't find much. I just purchased some hens two days ago and have since noticed they are eating all their eggs! I rescued three today but only because I was standing right there, one still got cracked by a greedy hen who didn't even wait for her sister to get off the nest but went right underneath her to peck at it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Hi. Egg eating is a hard habit to break once they start. Probably why those hens you bought were for sale ! I would actually return them to the seller if I were you. They should never have sold egg eaters.

    The only things I have heard help are doing what you are trying - collect the eggs quickly and replace them with golf balls or wooden or ceramic eggs. Or blow out some of the eggs and fill them with mustard or hot sauce.

    Another thing that can help is putting curtains over the nesting boxes so others can't see the eggs once they have laid them.

    Once they get in the habit tho, its very hard to break them of it. I would guess the seller decided to sell their hens because they couldn't break the problem.

    1. Thanks Lisa, I'm going to see about making a egg catcher nesting box too. Maybe that will help. I can't return them... good neighbors are hard to come by and I really don't think they knew about it as they have so many.

  6. I think I'll try this the next time I make scrambled eggs for hubby. Thanks, Lisa! :o)