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A Week in Farm Pictures - Aug 26th to Sept 1st

Sometimes a picture does speak a thousand words, especially when it's a farm photo. Here are my best 10,000 words from the past week to kick off a new weekly post entitled "A Farm Photo Speaks a Thousand Words".

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  1. Hi, What wonderful photos, Awesome! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Anna

  2. What lovely photo's! Your place looks awesome :)

  3. A wonderful series of pics and nice to see a peek into your daily life!

  4. I LOVE this new post and do hope it will become a weekly feature on your blog. You are the REAL deal and its so refreshing to follow a blog that is written by an honest-to-goodness farm girl who clearly loves all kinds of animals. Yours is THE best chicken/farm blog out there. You balance vital information with such lovely photographs. Keep up the good work! Deborah