Christmas Star Wreath Made with Coat Hangers and Chicken Wire

It seems that everyone is making handmade wreaths this holiday season.  I had been scrolling through the multitude wreath photos on Pinterest - but they were all the same old thing - round with evergreens, heart-shaped with lavender, square with berries...

Nothing really inspired me to create my own wreath until a friend sent me a photo of a star-shaped wreath several days ago. There were no instructions included and no link back to the source, but I put my creative juices to work and came up with this easy rustic star-shaped wreath made out of metal coat hangers.

What You Will Need:

Three metal coat hangers
A piece of chicken wire roughly 20" x 20"
Green spray paint
Assorted greenery - I used yew and nandina
Berries - again, I used nandina
Floral wire
Wire cutters
Holiday Ribbon

How To:

Spray the coat hangers green on one side and let dry.

With the wire cutters, cut two of the hangers at the neck, right where the two sides connect at the top. 

Bend each into sort of an 'M' shape by bending the long bottom piece in the middle.  Cut the third hanger halfway along the long bottom piece and then at the top where the two pieces join below the neck into a sort of 'V' shape.  

With pliers, crimp all the ends and connect them into a five-pointed star shape.

Lay your star on the piece of chicken wire and trim it just a bit larger than your star. 

Bend the cut ends of the chicken wire around the metal hangers to attach it securely.

Using floral wire, start to attach your greenery, maintaining the integrity of the star shape. 

 I went outside with a box and pair of scissors and just started cutting pieces of anything that looked holiday-like.  I ended up starting with a base layer of yew and then added some nandina leaves with the cream-colored leaves as accents.

Add some berries and a bow at the top.  Make a loop at the top with the florist wire so you can hang your wreath.'re done.

Note: Both yew and nandina are potentially toxic to chickens so this wreath will be going on our front door, not in the run.


  1. Oh well isn't that adorable? Love it!

  2. Fabulous job Lisa..! Nice to see something different then the typical round or square wreaths - I LOVE..!!

  3. I love the change from the traditional circle..lovely!

  4. Meredith/GreenCircleGroveDecember 23, 2012 at 7:28 AM

    Neat idea, and a clever use for a few of those older wire coat hangers at the back of the closet! Thanks!

  5. Very clever, I love the chicken wire stabilizer too! Hoping you and yours had a wonderful day together to celebrate the meaning of Christmas ~ faith, family and friends. Thanks for coming by to share on Christmas Cheer #1!