Transplanting Strawberry Plants into My Little Garden Barrel

April 4, 2013

Yesterday's garden project: Twenty-five strawberry plants all transplanted and ready to yield us juicy, plump berries this summer!  Thank you My Little Garden Barrel for the perfect solution to my 'wandering' strawberry plants.

For the last two years, our strawberries have co-mingled in what was supposed to be my herb garden.   What I didn't realize was how much they like to spread and wander. They were as bad as the mint, trying to take over the garden! Something had to be done.
Enter our sponsor, My Little Garden Barrel. They generously sent me one of their Sandstone planters to review (they also come in a darker Granite color) and I knew exactly what I was going to plant in it!  I received the barrel several months ago and have been patiently waiting for the weather to warm up. The barrel is nice and sturdy, made in the USA, and didn't crack over the winter despite being outside on our back patio since before Christmas.

The barrel comes pretty much as you see it, all I had to do is position the hollow pipe in the center.  Then I filled the barrel with some nice freshly composted dirt and then carefully dug up our strawberry patch and tucked the plants into the side pockets of the barrel.  They fit perfectly, with the final four plants sharing the top.

The entire barrel only takes up about one square foot of space on our patio.  Considering that the sprawling plants were occupying a full 16 square feet in the garden, this barrel really is a space-saver. Anyone who is interested in vertical gardening or saving space on their urban plot of land should really think about buying one.  You can plant herbs, flowers or vegetables in the barrel too!
Watering is simple and effective with the patent-pending watering tube down the center of the barrel. You can water not only the top and the side pockets, but by filling the center tube, you ensure the middle of the barrel stays moist and the plants' roots don't dry out.  I've been watering using a watering can, but you can even just stick a hose into the center tube to make watering a snap!

The barrel looks so pretty with the greenery poking out of the sides and top.  I really love it and am looking forward to picking strawberries right out our back door in about two months' time.  Culinary herbs would be another idea - so convenient to grow them outside right next to your kitchen door...or salad greens....hmmm, I just might need another one of these!

Within just a few days most of the plants are flowering! They love their Little Garden Barrel too!

Click on the photo below for more information, pricing or to order YOUR Little Garden Barrel.
(For 10% off your Barrel use the coupon code "FED")
 photo mylittlegardenbarrel_zps258f68e1.jpg

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  1. How pretty! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. I've seen these handmade, but didn't know anyone was selling them commercially. Glad to see it's made in the USA! What a great herb garden you could grow in it too.

  3. A wonderful idea for herbs as well as strawberries. Might have to try this!

  4. I have never seen anything like this. I love the idea. I am going to have to look into this, because space is definitely something we do not have a lot of. Thank you for sharing. I'm dropping by from the Blog Train. :) Hope you can stop by.

  5. That's great, and yes it's going to be such tasty berries this summer.

    Nice and practical, clean lines, I really like it.


  6. but how many berries do you actually get from a pot like this/

    1. I fit 25 plants in here, last year was only the second year for the plants and some had 3-4 berries each...I guess I"ll see.

  7. Oh my goodness I could use this! Thank you for sharing at the hop, your participation makes the hop extra special. Big Hugs P.S. the new giveaway posted Friday!

  8. awesome! I planted runner strawberries 3 years ago. They spread like crazy in the 3' x 5' area I gave them. Last I picked about 25 pounds of strawberries ... I am hoping for more this year. I like your idea of the tower though ... def. will have to give it a try.

    1. I am loving this! I highly recommend it for your wayward strawberries. My strawberries are doing great in their new home and are now contained!


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