Product Review: Mountain Rose Herbs Facial Wash and Dried Herbs

May 27, 2013

One afternoon last week I trudged back to the house, sweaty and grimy and in desperate need of a shower after cleaning the chicken coop and planting some seeds, to find a beautifully packaged box of goodies from our generous affiliate Mountain Rose Herbs.  They had asked several days prior if I would like to try their facial wash, and of course I agreed because as you all know, country living can leave a girl in need of a good scrubbing!

I unpacked the box to find a bottle of Rose Facial Wash and one of Lemon Facial Wash and couldn't wait to try them!  I tried the Rose first.  The scent was light and feminine without being cloying or overly flowery.  Very natural, it smells like a fresh rose.  The facial wash lathers up nicely and rinses easily...and left my face feeling really soft.

The next morning, I tried the Lemon Facial Wash.  As you can imagine the scent was clean, fresh and zesty and really woke me up.  Again, a nice lather and it left my face feeling clean without feeling stripped of its natural oils.

I love both and have been using them each morning in the shower. The squirt bottle makes dispensing the liquid, with one hand even, easy.  The Lemon Facial Wash is designed for normal to oily skin, perfect after a day of working outside to remove grime and oils.  The Rose Facial Wash is designed for normal to dry or combination skin. As with all of Mountain Rose Herbs products, the washes are all natural and chemical-free.

Sometimes when you spend so much of your day caring for your families, pets and livestock, it's easy to forget to pamper yourself.  Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some Mountain Rose Herb Facial Wash. It might sounds cliche, but you'll be glad you did!

Also nestled in the box were three large packages of dried herbs: Basil, Cilantro and Dill.  All organic and chemical-free. I couldn't resist the urge to open the bags and take a sniff - and wow! They all smelled so aromatic!  Mountain Rose Herbs sells only top-quality herbs and it's clear based on the appearance and smell of the packages.

I use all three of these culinary herbs in cooking - Basil in my pasta sauces, Cilantro in guacamole and Dill on salmon and also in tartar sauce and on scrambled eggs - but these herbs are for the chickens! Adding dried herbs to their layer feed provides them excellent health benefits and I want to thank the girls for all the beautiful eggs they have been laying us lately.

Basil is a natural antibacterial and supports membrane health.  Cilantro is a natural antioxidant, fungicide and builds strong bones as well as aids strong vision and blood clotting.  Dill is also a natural antioxidant and aids in respiratory health.  All three herbs are wonderful dietary supplements for chickens.  For more information on  the health benefits of herbs, click HERE.

I would like to thank Kori at Mountain Rose Herbs for her thoughtful gift.  She raises chickens as well and it's fun to chat with her about them from time to time.  She clearly knew the kind of products that would appeal to a fellow chicken keeper.

In addition to dried herbs and spices, Mountain Rose Herbs carries a wide assortment of essential oils (read HERE how I use them to make my own laundry products and HERE how I use them to make beeswax candles in eggshells), herbal teas, extracts, oils, seeds and more.  Their new catalog is redesigned (and absolutely beautiful), well-organized and even includes recipes along with containers for making your own oils, ointments, spice mixes etc.

Visit Mountain Rose Herbs online or on Facebook. They have an interesting page and focus on being environmentally friendly as well as providing excellent products.

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~This is a sponsored post. I was provided free products by the sponsor to try and review. All opinions herein are entirely my own, however, and not influenced by anything other than my personal observations and opinions~


  1. Thank You Fresh Eggs Daily for sharing this information about herbs. I'm going to check this out! Sounds like something I will love to use around my girls,when they are old enough to start laying!

  2. I'm a huge mtn. rose herbs fan, and an affiliate as well. Aren't they just the best!?
    I couldn't come up with a complaint about them if I tried- we've loved everything we've ordered :)

  3. The lemon face wash sounds wonderful. Thanks for the review.

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