A Week in Farm Photos June 23rd - 29th

June 29, 2013

Summer is in full swing. Our gardens are flourishing from the cool(ish) weather and abundant rain and the pullets and ducklings are growing - it won't be too long now before they are laying. Please enjoy this selection of snapshots from our our farm this past week.

Natural Chicken Coop Cleaning 1-2-3

June 25, 2013

Twice a year I do a really good, deep coop cleaning. I scrub down the whole coop with a white vinegar/water solution once right before the weather turns cold and then again in the spring.   Fresh, new straw bedding goes down and I also toss in some fresh or dried herbs for added health benefits and aromatherapy.

A Week in Farm Photos June 16th - 22nd

June 22, 2013

Summer is here! We had a gorgeous spring with lots of rain and cool temperatures, so flowers are blooming everywhere! The ducklings and chicks are growing fast...won't be too long now 'til they start laying eggs. Hope you're summer is off to a great start as well. Enjoy the photos from this past week on our farm.

Brew Fresh Herbal Tea in your Coffee Maker

June 20, 2013

I am most definitely a morning coffee drinker, but in the summer especially, I enjoy drinking iced tea throughout the day. I also offer brewed herbal teas to our chickens as an added health booster. Not a fan of black tea, I enjoy herbal teas, and instead of using commercial tea bags, I have started brewing my own herbal tea - in our coffee maker - using fresh cut herbs from our garden.

Interview: Heather Bullard from Country Living Magazine talks about her Chickens and Chez Poulet

June 18, 2013

Several years ago, when we got our first chicks and I started researching chicken coop designs, I immediately fell in love with this coop I found on Google (this was before the days of Pinterest where I now have my dream coop pinned !).  I still have coop envy.

Product Review: Duluth Trading Co. Armachillo Shirt

June 16, 2013

Someone at the Duluth Trading Co. clearly follows my Facebook page because they contacted me several weeks ago and offered to send me one of the shirts in their new Armachillo clothing line. They explained how the new line is specially designed to keep the wearer cool in the summer, and thought I would be interested in 'farm-testing' it since we're here in Virginia and I'm outside for a good part of each day. 

A Week in Farm Photos June 9th - 15th

June 15, 2013

Don't you just love this time of year? Everything is so green and pretty.  Please enjoy these photos from our farm this past week...

Chicken Herb and Edible Flower Garden Video Tour

June 12, 2013

Each year, the space I devoted to herbs became larger and larger in our vegetable garden, so finally I resigned myself that I needed to just concentrate on growing herbs and edible flowers.  

I now grow a wide variety of culinary herbs to use fresh and dried in cooking, and I also use herbs in lots of ways with our chickens. The flowers are wonderful as garnish for desserts as well as for the chickens to eat. Come along with me on a tour of my herb and edible flower garden back at our home in Virginia.

Dealing with the Loss of a Flock Member

June 10, 2013

~Some of our original flock - Summer 2009~
If you raise chickens long enough, you will end up losing one - and eventually all - to old age, if nothing else. But realistically, old age won't be the cause of their demise. Shockingly, your loss will be quick, unexpected and heartbreaking.  As my grandmother who raised chickens nearly her whole life used to say "if they can get hung up on it, tangled in it, electrocuted by it, choke on it, drown in it, fall into it, fall off of it, or be eaten by it - they will." And it's the sad truth that the pitfalls and dangers that present themselves to backyard chickens are wide-ranging and often unpredictable.

Herbs for Hens™: Yarrow

June 9, 2013

~Common yarrow offers numerous health benefits to humans AND chickens~
Yarrow is a flowering plant that grows wild in much of the United States and has many, many health benefits for both humans and chickens. In ancient times, it was used mainly to stop bleeding and heal wounds. In fact, according to mythology, Achilles used yarrow to treat fallen comrades. Alternate names for yarrow include 'soldier's woundwort' and 'nosebleed plant'.

A Week in Farm Photos - June 2nd -- 8th

June 8, 2013

In addition to our Fresh Eggs Daily Facebook page, I also host Ducks Too for duck lovers and A Farm Girl and Her Chickens where I post updates about my new book (due out in October!) plus life at home and around the garden. I hope you will visit me on Facebook at all three locations.  Enjoy this week's photos!

Don't Let the Fear of Gapeworm Keep you from Feeding your Chickens Earthworms

June 3, 2013

Earthworms, slugs and snails can transmit the parasite Gapeworm to your chickens, but should that keep you from allowing your chickens to eat these nutritious, tasty treats?  I don't believe so.

A Week in Farm Photos May 26th - June 1st

June 1, 2013

This was sort of an odd week, full of all kinds of critters - not including our own. Some we saw, some only left their mark in the form of paw prints, or in the case of our lettuce, bite marks!  We had our eye on a red fox who has been lurking, and our dogs decided that their new favorite pastime is 'treeing' squirrels. I hope you enjoy this random collection of photos from the past week.

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