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A Week in Farm Photos July 14th - 20th

This past week brought extreme heat to most of the country, and no different for us in Virginia. But thankfully all of our animals made it through just fine with a little TLC and a lot of watermelon and frozen treats!  

Despite the heat and humidity, we have so much to be thankful for: all of our chickens and ducks are happy and healthy, our two horses are doing great, our dogs have each other for company and get along wonderfully.  Our barn cat did go on strike due to the heat and field mice moved into the barn, which attracted the attention of a snake who came around also looking for eggs one afternoon and stealing three of our duck hatching eggs sadly, but all in all, no complaints.  

Our neighbors are great and love our rooster crowing even more than we do, I think! And in exchange for our fresh eggs, they let us pick all the fresh corn and wildflowers we want from their field.  Life is good - albeit a tad bit warm.  Enjoy some photos of our past week.


  1. I love your weekly pictures my farm is not so pretty it's old but it always gives new ideas and the pictures r always so restful. I enjoy it thank you

    1. Aaaw, trust me you only see the 'pretty' parts of our farm! We have our junk piles and things in need of repair and not-so-pretty areas!

  2. I loved your article, it was very informative...would love it if you hopped on by our blog hop on Sunday...The Homesteaders Hop.