A Week in Farm Photos August 25th - 31st

This past week went by in a blur. My husband was in California visiting family, so I held down the fort farm by myself. In addition to animal care, and watching our duckling continue to grow like  a weed, I also finished up one last final proof of my book, which will be off to the printer this coming week! Yay!

We had another heat wave this week as well, but since fall is right around the corner, from here on in the temperatures should settle down to something much more comfortable and before we know it, it will be time for flannel pajamas, sweaters, hot tea, a fire in the fireplace and mittens. I can't wait!

~Ginger, our Silver Appleyard duckling,  is barely a month old and already so big!~
~Our bantam Chocolate Orp, Truffle, turns 18 weeks old today, so eggs are in her near future~
~Bella, our German shepherd thinks she's one of the horses sometimes!~
~Winston, our corgi, thinks anything heading down to the chickens is actually treats for him!~
~My cold crop microgreens for the chickens are coming along nicely~
~Penelope, one of our Pekins, is molting, but the only visible sign is all the feathers on the ground~
~I've been drying nutritious herbs & edible flowers all summer and storing them to mix into the layer feed this winter~
~Our happy, healthy flock doing what they do best~
~Looking forward soon to some long winter evenings to get back to another of my passions: knitting~


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  1. I know! I can't wait for Fall to arrive! Oh my this first photo is so beautiful. I'm new to your blog but love all the information this future chicken coop owner has learned this week from reading previous posts.

    1. Oh thank you Marie! Be sure and check out my Ultimate Chicken Care Guide tab at the very top - everything is organized by subject.

  2. Great shot the colors, and the framing.


  3. Lovely photos Lisa :) Great post. I'm excited for fall. Its my favorite time of year.

  4. Love the photos, especially the one with all the different colored eggs in the basket. I'm so used to seeing our brown eggs every day. I tend to forget that there are so many varieties.

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