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A Week in Farm Photos August 4th - 10th

We had a little duckling hatch last Sunday.  This week was all about the 'Custard and Ginger Show'.  If you think a baby chick is cute, maybe you just haven't seen enough baby ducklings!

Out of the ten Silver Appleyard hatching eggs I had shipped to me, sadly only the one managed to hatch. A black rat snake ate three before I realized while our duck house is secure and all the vents covered in hardware cloth, the snake had simply slithered in the open door during the day and hidden until dark. (Sprinkling sulphur around the perimeter of the duck house and run seems to be working to keep snakes away now.) 

Custard was a trooper and sat for the entire 28 days, taking short breaks to swim with the other ducks, eat, drink and poop. But sadly, while two of the eggs pipped, they then died before hatching completely . I have a feeling Custard stepped on them and squashed them by accident.

One egg was infertile and the remaining three stopped developing sometime during the last week. Our temperatures soared to over 100 degrees inside the duck house that last week and Custard actually stopped sitting, instead electing to stand over the eggs because of the heat, but I think the extreme heat killed the embryos anyway. Considering it was both Custard's and my first time hatching eggs under a duck, we did our best and the result was one beautiful baby Silver Appleyard duckling... Enjoy!  

~The 'aunts' waiting to get a glimpse of the new hatchling!~

~I realized I have no idea how to vent sex a duckling!~

~The curious aunts again, taking a peek~


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  1. What a darling little duckling! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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    1. She really is! She zooms around, she's just so funny to watch.

  3. Good Morning glad you found my blog and I am your newest follower also and thank you for your lovely comments. You said that you will be moving to Maine in the next few wonderful...but it sure is different from where you are living now. My husband and I retired here 14 years ago from Cape Cod and we love it. I hope that you will keep in touch and when you arrive here if I can help you please let me know...or even before if you have any questions about the area that you will be moving to. I will try to answer any questions you might have. I look forward to following your blog and thank you again for your comments.

    1. Hi there! Yes we're excited. My husband's grandmother lived in Hyannis until her death, and my grandmother grew up in Wareham, so we're familiar with the Cape. We're looking near Conway NH, but over the Maine border not sure where in Maine you are? We're trying to figure the logistics of moving all our animals, but we're sure the ducks and dogs will love the cold and snow.

  4. Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by and for the invite to your Barn hop. We've added you to our Friday Party List! Deb @

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