Book Pre-Order Notice: Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy Healthy Chickens ...Naturally

Coming October 15, 2013 from St. Lynn's Press, Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens...Naturally, my guide to coops, nesting boxes, runs, feed, and natural health care with time-tested remedies promoting the benefits of keeping chickens happy and well-occupied, and in optimal health, free of chemicals and antibiotics, instead using herbs and natural supplements to maintain a healthy environment for your chickens.

Full color photos throughout plus "recipes" and 8 easy DIY projects for your flock, coop and run.  Based on the philosophies that I share on my blog and Facebook page, the book also includes many never-before-published tips and ideas. 

If you are okay dosing your chickens with a cocktail of toxins and chemical medications, lighting your coop in the winter to force your hens to lay more eggs,  routinely worming or treating for parasites when there is no evidence of them, or eating older flock members when they no longer lay, this book might not be for you....but if you name all your chickens, built them a cute coop complete with (gasp!) curtains, plan on keeping them around until they keel over of old age, and are interested in raising them as naturally as possible to ensure the eggs they lay are as healthy for your family as they can be, you will want to have this book on your bookshelf!

Fresh Eggs Daily: The Book is dedicated to all of you, my readers, who through your continued support have clearly shown there is a great demand for natural chicken keeping advice and also confirm for me over and over that it DOES work. I appreciate your notes of gratitude and appreciation more than you could ever know. I also appreciate your understanding and patience this past year while I was working on my book, trying to juggle life as best as I could.

More About the Book

More than ever, Americans care about the quality and safety of the food they eat. They're bringing back an American tradition: raising their own backyard chickens for eggs and companionship. And they care about the quality of life of their chickens. Fresh Eggs Daily is an authoritative, accessible guide to coops, nesting boxes, runs, breeding, feed, and natural health care with time-tested remedies.  The author promotes the benefits of keeping chickens happy and well-occupied, and in optimal health, free of chemicals and antibiotics. She emphasizes the therapeutic value of herbs and natural supplements to maintaining a healthy environment for your chickens. Includes many "recipes" and  8 easy DIY projects for the coop and run. Full color photos throughout.

What People are Saying

"Proof of Lisa's know-how and knowledge of raising chickens naturally is evident in her GRIT blogs, where she covers everything from health care tips and homemade remedies to helpful advice about chicken coops, nesting boxes and runs – and now in 'Fresh Eggs Daily.'  We're proud to call Lisa a member of our online family and an asset to our community." ~ Traci Smith, associate editor, GRIT and CAPPER'S magazines

"It's only natural that blogger Lisa Steele would eventually write a book about raising chickens. Reading 'Fresh Eggs Daily' is like going to the coop each morning to collect eggs: You never know what you're going to find, but there is always something good to pick up!"  ~ Roger Sipe, editor of Chickens and Urban Farm  magazines

"With so many chicken resources popping up all the time, it's hard to know who to listen to. 'Fresh Eggs Daily' is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to learn more about the hobby of keeping a flock. Lisa does her homework, providing a solid foundation behind her advice – and as longtime chicken eggsperts ourselves, we can vouch for the accuracy of information she puts out there." ~ Jess Murray, Meyer Hatchery


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  1. Hooray! I'm so excited for your book. I plan on keeping my hens around until they die of old age and want to keep them naturally healthy for as long as possible, so this book is definitely for me :)

    1. Same here! That's one reason I won't use toxins on or around them and really really want to keep them in tip top shape! They'll hang around as long as they can!

  2. Excellent! I just found your blog and will definitely be adding this book to my prep arsenal for when the fiance builds me the chicken coup I want! :)

    Maria Angelique

  3. I am very excited for this release! Your book will make an excellent addition to my homesteading bookshelf :-) Congrats on all the high praise!!!

    1. Thank you! I hope everyone loves it as much as I think they will.