A Week in Farm Photos - January 26th - Feb 1st

February 1, 2014

Our second snowfall of the winter blanketed our farm in such beauty, I couldn't stop taking photos! After being totally freaked out by the snow, our first-year chickens and ducks seem okay with it, and those who have lived through snow before took it all in stride.

Although the snow prevented me from tackling a few outdoor projects I have in mind, it did afford me time indoors to write a few magazine articles and work on my second book. Yup, you heard it here first - I'm writing another book!



I would love for you to join me here...


  1. Great sunset. My dog is as enthusiastic about winter as yours. The ducks do seem a little hesitant. Great photos.

  2. Beautiful! I would be out taking pictures as well. We just had a snowfall in the South that didn't melt for several days (much happiness about that) and all I could think about was horseback riding in the snow. I did that once as a teen while we were visiting family in MN and it was the most breathtaking (COLD) but exhilarating thing ever. :) Maybe one day....

  3. Your photos are beautiful. It reminds me of when we lived on a farm, so nostalgic.

  4. Your pictures are wonderful and show what a lovely homestead you have. I love the animals and the white curtains are so nice. Thanks for sharing with all of us!


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