A Week in Farm Photos February 23rd - March 1st

They say that good news comes in threes. Well, it sure did this week! First I received an invitation to P. Allen Smith's exclusive gardening bloggers' workshop at his Arkansas home in May. Thrilled beyond belief - mostly to have the opportunity to meet him and to check out his chickens and coops - I would have been perfectly content if that was the end of this week's good news....but there was more to come.

I just found out yesterday that my blog (this very blog in case you're not keeping up!) was named one of the Top 10 Gardening Blogs for 2014 by the editors of Better Homes & Gardens magazine! The other nominees are predominantly very well-known in the field, and I am truly humbled to be in their company. As they say, 'it's an honor just to be nominated'. (You can head over to the BH&G website to check out the other nominees and vote for your favorite blogger -top five only - HERE.)

Then the icing on the cake was a phone call I received earlier this week. If all goes as planned, I will be appearing on TV in the near future. Yup, television! That's all I can say about it for right now, but suffice it to say that I immediately went on a crash diet (I mean, really, who can afford those extra ten pounds the camera adds?)  So that sums up my week in a nutshell.  

The irony of course is that life on the farm is always business as usual and our wonderful animals who have helped me get to where I am in life, are completely oblivious to it all! As it should be I guess. Enjoy a glimpse of my week.


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  1. Love it and good for you!

  2. What breed is truffle? She is gorgeous!

  3. Congratulations! You deserve it, Lisa, for all the help you give to us.