A Week in Farm Photos April 13th - 19th

This week leading up to Easter has been a roller coaster weather-wise here in Virginia. We went from sipping mint lemonade in shorts on the back patio on Sunday to scrambling to cover the garden Tuesday night because snow was predicted!  Mother Nature just can't make up her mind this year. 

Regardless it was a great week and all's well that ends well - as I ended the week with not one, but two, of my books on the Amazon bestseller list in the Bird Care category! I also turned in two articles to the editor of a national magazine - one whose name you would surely recognize and I'll be sharing soon. In between writing, I drummed my fingers counting down to hatch #2 of the season (Annie's eggs due to hatch next Wednesday).  So here was our week ... take a peek.

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  1. So many happy animals! Our weather has been predictably unpredictable, too. I never plant my garden until the farmers start seeding the fields. I figure they know better than I do when the time is right. We have another month to go here. Love the photo shares.

  2. Happy pictures! Looks like everyone is soaking up the sun and having a great time :)