A Week in Farm Photos April 20th - 26th

This week we welcomed six brand new baby chicks to our farm! This is the second batch we've hatched this spring. Hard to believe that it's been six years since we brought home our first chicks from the feed store.

Of course chickens were a part of my life years and years ago growing up across the street from my grandparents' chicken farm and raising chickens as a child. Enjoy a quick look back and also some photos of our newest additions.

- me around four years old, watching my grandfather feed his chickens while my grandmother holds me-
-my brother and some of the chicks we raised as kids-
-my childhood home (notice the chickens behind the barn)-
-holding my first chick in decades, back in the spring of 2009-
-our first egg, July 2009, I felt like a kid again!-
-spring of 2010 heralded another batch of chicks-
-by 2011 I had decided that Australorps were a favorite breed and we added some more-
-In the spring of 2012, I felt confident enough to try my hand at hatching some chicks and this was the result-
-The spring of 2013 brought more chicks that I hatched in the incubator-

-Also in the spring of 2013, I had the luck to have a broody hen sit on some eggs and hatch them-
-This spring, one of the chicks we hatched last spring hatched some chicks of her own-
-And the same broody hen, Annie, who hatched chicks last spring, decided she wanted to have another go of it, with these results

It's been quite the journey this last six years...and it's not over, not by a long shot. I want to be the crazy octogenarian tending her chickens in a dress and pearls and having the time of her life!

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  1. I notice a big difference in the self confidence. In the first photo of you holding a chick, it was with two hands afraid of it getting away. In the last photo of you holding a chick it was one handed while taking a selfie. Loved the photos of your past childhood.

    1. Interesting observation Dan....I would never have noticed that. I guess it's like with having kids. The first one you think is going to break or get hurt all the time and by the sixth, you're like sure go ride your bike without a helmet! Just come home before dark. I have to say it's been a good life so far!

  2. I can't wait!! My only memory of being around chickens as a kid was pretty traumatic...I'll spare you the details...so it's going to be a pretty steep learning curve. We're getting our first pullets from the feedstore too, so they'll be generic little brown hens. I'd love to add some fancy breeds, eventually. All in good time. Congratulations on the new additions to your family.

    1. Same here! We had a mean rooster growing up and lots of mean broodies! My experiences as an adult have been so much better!

  3. What adorable little chicks! I love their names. :)

  4. Love the smile that you had getting your first egg! I felt the same way getting my first egg :)

  5. How do you like your Ameraucanas? I have a batch of 10 that will be my first chickens! Thank you so much for your inspiration!!

    1. Honestly they are a bit nuts! But their eggs are beautiful.