A Week in Farm Photos April 6th - 12th

This week marked not only my birthday (no, I'm not telling which one!) but also my wedding anniversary (our 13th in case you're wondering). My husband appeared on Monday after work bearing a dozen red roses, two lobsters for dinner and a fruit tart for dessert. You really can't ask for more than that! 

The weather has turned nice here in Virginia and everything is green and blooming. We have chicks in the coop and a broody hen sitting on another dozen eggs due to hatch in two weeks. 

I'm keeping busy working on book number two, as well as continuing to write for various magazines - and I have a few surprises up my sleeve for the rest of 2014. 

Life is good. No, I take that back, life is great.

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  1. What beautiful spring pictures! What tree is in the first picture? Happy Birthday and Anniversary!! Gammy Tammy

    1. Thank you! That's an apple tree. No idea what kind of apples. We feed them to our horses mostly because we don't spray , so there are lots of bugs in them! The tree was here when we moved in more than a decade ago.

  2. Beautiful photos! Happy birthday and anniversary!! Up in upstate NY its finally feeling like spring.

  3. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and Happy Book Writing Lisa!

  4. Happy birthday and congratulations on your anniversary. Great photos.

  5. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you both! What will the next book be about? I just ordered your book thru Amazon and cannot wait to read it! We will be moving back to Hawaii Island in I hope less than 6 months from here on Oahu and cannot wait to get back with my most peaceful moments....raising chooks. I had Silkies I had to place in a loving home and miss them so much. I will be starting all over and need quite a few reminders on ding it right. Mahalo! Diane