A Week in Farm Photos March 30th - April 5th

Egg production is in full swing. The Bonbons are two and a half weeks old, which is hard to believe! They grow so fast and they're already spending nice days outside in the grow-out pen with mom Truffle.

The mud is finally drying up and our fruit trees are blooming. I got my herb garden cleaned up, took stock of the perennial herbs that have returned and got some new herbs planted this week. We have beets, carrots, peas and spinach already sprouting in the garden, as well as the garlic I planted last fall. It's a great time to live in the country in Virginia! Enjoy this peek at our week!

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  1. I so love your photos each week! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Thanks for the great pictures. I miss living in there in that part of the country. Nice farm and yes it is great to live in the country!!!

  3. Why do I have to subscribe to See the pictures on this page. Very frustrating.

    1. You don't. The Subscribe button is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter not to subscribe to the blog.The photos are visible to anyone, so it must be your browser.

  4. Thank you Lisa! Love all the photos!

  5. I'm so glad I found your site. The photos bring back my days of growing up on a farm in NE and the many fond memories! of ducks, chickens, dogs, pigs, calves, horses and eatting meals in the cemetery on the farm. That was an easy place to gather when he was combining wheat. I love your photos!!!!