Easy DIY Painted Easter Egg Pail

Hard to believe Easter is next Sunday. But there's still plenty of time to make this cute Easter Egg Pail from any old metal bucket you have lying around.

I found this rusty little pail in the barn and decided to give it a bit of a face lift for Easter. First I scrubbed as much rust off as I could with a wire brush then I sprayed two coats of Rustoleum spray paint as a base coat.  (I also found a similar pail at the feed store for $3 and change, so  I decided to turn that one into an Easter Egg Pail as well.) 

After the rusty pail had been prepped and both pails spray painted and allowed to dry, I traced some chicken silhouettes ( I used vinyl chicken decals like this to trace my pattern) on each pail (I used a glue stick to attach a piece of carbon paper to my silhouette then traced the outline with a pencil) and then painted them with acrylic paint in pastel colors.  Once dry, a coat of clear polyurethane spray helped to seal everything.

To dress up the pails, I used a glue gun to attach some pretty lace and ribbon.  A bit of fake 'straw' and some eggs and my pails were finished.


  1. How cute is that Lisa! The lace is a sweet touch.

  2. Those are so cute! What a fun idea - I am envisioning all kinds of buckets painted and stenciled for many occasions now. :)

  3. What a great idea! I have many buckets that could use a facelift like this. The wheels are turning....! Thanks for the great idea.

    - Katie

  4. This is such a fun activity. My kids loved it when Easter season approaches.
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