A Week in Farm Photos April 27th - May 3rd

This week started out soggy...and the rain just continued and continued (making for some very happy ducks)...but as they say, into each life some rain must fall, and by the end of the week, the sun came out and our flowers, gardens and grass look terrific! I spent the rainy days indoors writing and compiling photos for a few projects I'm working on - and then headed outside once the sun came out to enjoy all the new spring growth.

On the chicken scene: The Bonbons joined the big girls in the run (after mom Truffle cut the apron strings) in a surprisingly easy integration since they were born in the coop and everyone was already used to them. Annie and her little ones are now in the grow-out pen enjoying lots more room than they had in the dog crate....and the circle of life continues as it should each spring.

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  1. Oh my...that's a lotta mud! We're getting our chicks at the end of the month - a bit late, but we're still constructing the chicken coop/fortress/palace, so it should work out well. I'm SO EXCITED!!!