A Week in Farm Photos May 25th - May 31st

I love spring. I especially love spring when it extends all the way to June! It gets way too hot and humid way too fast here in Virginia, so every day that we can hold on to days in the 70s-80s and nights in the 50s-60s, we're happy. It's been a wonderful spring so far. We are enjoying hanging out on the back porch watching the flock free range and our horses graze in the evenings with our two dogs at our feet. Our baby chicks are growing so fast, as are the vegetables in the garden - and in fact, we just harvested our first beet and carrot yesterday! Reason to celebrate! Enjoy this peek at our week.

I would love for you to join me here...

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  1. Great photos. It looks like the weather is wonderful there. I love the feet, flower pot and shovel photo.

  2. Great photos! I love your blog. It has been such an inspiration for me. My blog is somuchathome.blogspot.com Check out my new chicken barn. It's almost complete. I get so many ideas from you! I did nesting box curtains like yours in me previous pen. My next project is their dust bath! I have ducks too . They are free range. We just notices an alligator in our (their) pond , so needless to say, the ducks have spent over a week in a boggy area that has a natural continuous flow of fresh water. I plan to call someone about the gator tomorrow. Keep up your fantastic blog my friend! God bless!

  3. I LOVE this!! What are the pretty purple flowers?