A Week in Farm Photos July 6th - 12th

Photo: I like pretty things.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Charles Dickens sure hit the proverbial nail on the head with those famous lines. This week brought some wonderfully good news to us here on the farm (details soon, I promise!), our gardens are producing some beautiful tomatoes and basil ... and then our week culminated in some major damage from a storm that seemed to appear out of nowhere late Friday.  We spent the last two days cleaning up tree debris from high winds, hail and driving rain. But all of our animals, house, coop and barn are just fine...and Mother Nature rewarded us with a beautiful post-storm sunset...was she perhaps saying she was sorry?

Photo: ♩ ♬ I could make my own cheese, 
as often as I pleased...
if I only had a cow...a goat....a yak♩ ♬

Photo: Growing like... Melons!

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  1. You take the prettiest pictures of your daily life! Love these posts.

    1. Thank you! I admit that these photo posts are nowhere near my most popular but I like them because it forces me all week to stop and appreciate and photograph pretty things that I see in my daily routines. I'm so glad you enjoy them!

  2. That one chicken photo looks like it's doing ballet!