A Week in Farm Photos June 29th - July 5th


Happy Fourth of July everyone!  Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday. We are enjoying cool, clear weather this weekend after a bit of a hot spell and just enjoying a quiet weekend at home. Our chicks are growing, the little ones will be laying eggs soon, and we're expecting ducklings in a week or so. Enjoy this peek at our week.

Photo: Good morning Ginger!

Photo: Hatching egg update: from a dozen down to three. One more got broken and one definitely not developing. But Annie seems determined to stick it out. Getting close...maybe a week left?

Photo: Guess who?

Photo: Today was a hot sticky dirty dusty day... And not just for Winston.

Photo: Why yes I did bring Gregory and the girls their lunch under their favorite tree so they didn't have to leave the shade. And yes I realize they're pretty spoiled. Got something to say about that do ya?

Photo: Another lazy day at home. Gorgeous blue skies... Lovin' it.

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