A Week in Farm Photos - August 17th to 23rd

Every week is a good week when you live in the country. It's even better when the weather stays in the high-80s and it rains just enough that you don't have to water the garden.  We're still harvesting a boatload of squash and cucumbers from the garden, so the chickens and ducks are feasting on the excess. Take a peek at our week!

Photo: At almost ten weeks old, the Blossoms are finally starting to be a bit more independent. I'm sure Violet is thrilled!

Photo: Double yolk duck egg. Not common... Only maybe the third or fourth I've seen in 6 years.

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  1. My girls are so sick of squash they won't even go near it anymore. I did dehydrate a bunch of it. I used to throw the waste from squash and cucumbers in the compost bin but then we had 3 cucumbers plants grow out from the bottom of the bin. Never had so many cucumbers at one time before. Each plant had 4-6 runners that got to be 10 feet long and had dozens of cucumbers on them. Goes to show how much compost can increase the yield.
    If your gonna take selfies I want to see more than your muddy boots. I can look at my own and see the same thing. Well maybe not the bright blue color. LOL