A Week in Farm Photos - August 24th - 30th

Photo: The sun is shining, the chickens are clucking, the ducks are quacking.

It's hard to believe that Labor Day is here. We've had such a nice temperate summer in Virginia this year, it's the first year in more than a decade of living here that I am sad to see summer end! But I love autumn and warm, cozy sweaters, comfort food, hot cider and all that comes with the shorter days and cooler temperatures, so bring it on! Enjoy a peek at our week.

Photo: Violet and the boys... These two are totally momma's boys.

Photo: Pepper and Penny... clearly besties.

Photo: Clean straw equals clean eggs IN the nest! Nice job ducks!

Photo: The boyz! Just chillin'while Violet has some girl time with the others.

Photo: Scratch scratch peck peck peck munch munch.

Photo: Good morning Ginger! What are you up to on this fine morning?

Photo: Truffle loves the outdoor nesting basket when it's hot in the coop.

Photo: A little breakfast, a little preening and then off on bug patrol.

Photo: Hey lady...Explain to us again why our pool is empty?

Photo: Any man who says " Let's go out to dinner early so we can get back to let the chickens out for awhile " is a keeper... Just sayin'.

Photo: In the absence of a rooster, Gregory takes charge of everyone! Keeps em in line!

Photo: It's a fine afternoon for a swim!

Photo: Have I mentioned this is my favorite part of the day?

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  1. 'Love your photos each week! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Did I see someone eating a raw carrot? Ours love raw green beans. She gets all excited over them. I've seen her steal a tomato off the plant a time or two also.

    1. Yes! Winston loves carrots. I add green beans to his dinner and he's not such a fan of those!


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