A Week in Farm Photos - August 3rd to 9th

Photo: Enuf said. #fresheggsrock

Another cool, wet week here in Virginia which was great for the garden. We've been harvesting cucumbers and zucchini like crazy! I don't mind the rain since I've been passing the summer writing a few articles for several magazines and working on my second book. My first book will be back on the shelves next month, already in its 3rd printing (yay!) with the addition of a brand new index. 

I'm also excited that I'll be presenting my first talk on Beginning Chicken Care next month, so I'm preparing for that. I will also be doing some filming for two national television shows in September. So stick around for what is shaping up to be a very exciting year around here! Who would have ever thought that my 'hobby' would turn into a full-fledged career? I honestly couldn't be happier with how things have turned out. Here are the girls and guy who are my daily inspiration. Our chickens.

Photo: Handsome guy Emilio is. Hard to believe he was a tiny chick just a few months ago.

Photo: Poor Emilio.... The girls just don't want a bedtime monitor! He's trying so hard to enforce an early bedtime!

Photo: ♪♫♪♫ Steppin' out with my ladies...♪♫♪♫

Photo: I'm sorry Charlotte, am I keeping you from your bug catching? By all means, carry on pretty girl <3

Photo: Abigail prepares to finish her routine with a triple twist dismount as the judges look on.

Photo: Can you believe how big the Bonbons are? Emilio, Ophelia and Cecilia are 21 weeks old today.

Photo: These smarties know where I keep the treats!

Photo: Really? Another pic? Can't I just lay my egg in peace?
Sorry Truffle but word on the street is that a certain redhead is cuter than you...and we've GOT to dispel those rumors!

Photo: So I'm sitting here supervising free range as usual, watching Emilio race around trying to round up all the hens and shoo them into the coop. And I feel like saying, "Dude, just wait until dusk and they'll go in all by themselves. Trust me. I used to be in your shoes. You'll learn."   Poor guy, he just gets one in when another one comes strolling back out. He's having a time of it!

Photo: Buggy cabbage and Brussels Sprouts leaves? No problem, the chickens LOVE it!

Photo: Good morning! Sunny and a bit humid already here. Everyone has been fed and I'm heading indoors for some iced coffee.How's your morning so far?

Photo: How much do you love fresh eggs? Let's see how many LIKES we can get for fresh eggs daily <3

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  1. Lovely photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Wonderful photos! Especially, the chickens and roosters are very lovely! Thank you!
    Roy, www.roysfarm.com

  3. Just excitement in your neck of the words! Love the photos!