A Week in Farm Photos - July 27th to August 2nd

Photo: We all know that duck eggs are best for baking, but they make every dish shine. What is your favorite recipe to use your duck eggs in?

What a week! This has been THE best summer here in Virginia hands down in all the years we've lived here. Sunny days with low humidity, cool nights and plenty of rain. Our gardens are thriving and our ducks are so very happy! The chickens...well they could do without the rain, but I'm sure they're glad we're not experiencing the normal summertime heat and humidity. So all in all, life is good here on the farm. Enjoy a peek at our week.

Photo: Lazy day guarding the basil.

Photo: Weeders, aerators, natural pesticides and fertilizers. Nothing like chickens to help with yard work!

Photo: Synchronized sipping.

Photo: Today's harvest!

Photo: Violet was glad to have a moment to herself to enjoy some squash from the garden.

Photo: Emilio likes to think that he's in charge of supervised free range but in reality, the girls are being watched over by me, my husband and our two dogs. Supervised free range means just that - it doesn't mean letting them out and then going back in the house, or thinking the rooster can keep them safe from a dog or fox. It means hands-on supervising. It only takes a second for disaster to strike - but you know those signs that say 'our doberman can get to to the gate in 2 seconds flat, can you?' That's how we feel, our dogs could be on the scene far quicker than we can, so they're critical to our free ranging security plan. Figure out your own plan - and then let the girls roam a bit!

Photo: Wine cork coasters and mason jar vases. Cute on the cheap!

Photo: Have you noticed how routine-oriented chickens are? Each morning after I let them out, everyone has a bit of breakfast, a drink of water and then it's time to preen. Everyone grabs their spot and does a bit of morning upkeep. <3 our chickens!

Photo: Chicken totem?

Photo: The few the proud.... the rooster of the barnyard.

Photo: Perfectly peaceful evening here.

Photo: Sitting on the back stoop enjoying a cup of coffee and this gorgeous sunrise....making my list for the week.  I've got some articles to finish up for a few magazines and a few recipes to write up for the blog, a cool DIY project also for the blog....We've got a giveaway starting later this morning and one also for next week... And a new segment is almost ready in the Herb for Hens video series.  It will be a busy week. Oh and I have exciting news to share too...I almost forgot!

I would love for you to join me here...

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  1. Wow, every picture looks like a magazine shot! What a beautiful place to live.

    1. Thank you! I truly believe there is beauty everywhere tho if you look carefully :0)

  2. I love your photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Baby melons!!!! So much fun. And my ladies are just lovin' all the zucchini and cucumbers, not to mention the watermelon. Such a great time of the year huh! Keep up the great work Liz you are such a bloggin' ninja/inspiration!

    1. Well thank you! Much appreciated. And yes our chickens are for sure reaping the benefits of our garden too! No more worry what to do with all those extra zucchini!

  4. Beautiful photos. Love the ducks drinking!