BOOK REVIEW: Living Wreaths by Natalie Bernhisel Robinson

August 22, 2014

As the days start to grow shorter, hours of daylight wane, and we look forward to fall, I naturally am itching to change out the wreath on the front door. So the timing could not have been better for the book Living Wreaths by Natalie Bernhisel Robinson to appear on my doorstep. 

Several weeks ago, I saw a living wreath from the book Living Wreaths mentioned on the Country Living Facebook page and was really impressed with how simple and beautiful it was, so now I'm really inspired and I couldn't wait to thumb through the whole book.  Even though these wreaths use living plants and the weather is already starting to change, our front door is sheltered by a porch roof but still gets nice afternoon sun, so I think I will be okay making one for at least the next few months.

Beginning with the materials and tools needed to construct a living wreath base (inexpensive items such as a wire wreath frame, water-retaining crystals, copper wire, garden shears), plus easy step-by-step instructions and full color photographs, the book then goes on to include the instructions and care for more than twenty beautiful wreaths. There are some pretty flower wreath ideas, but I think I'll focus on a few that should do okay in the fall and choose one of them to make for our front door. Some of my favorites include...

Hens and Chicks Wreath (of course!) 

Herb Wreath

Mixed Vine Wreath

Cherry Tomato Wreath

Which is your favorite? For instructions on making these and other beautiful living wreaths including a Lavender Wreath, Mixed Succulent Wreath, Strawberry Wreath or a Spider Plant Wreath, take a peek inside the pages of Living Wreaths by Natalie Bernhisel Robinson (Gibbs Smith, 2014)

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Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book at no cost to me, however my opinions are in no way influenced by the gift and are entirely my own.

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  1. I love all the ones you picked out but there's something about that mixed vine wreath that I love. It looks like it would be hanging on the door of a charming little English cottage.

  2. Living wreaths are so much fun - you can also lay them on a pizza tray and carefully add a large candle in the middle - Makes a beautiful centerpiece. - I might have to do this for the holidays. - wonderful post!
    Carole @ Garden Up green


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