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A Week in Farm Photos - Aug 31st to Sept. 6th

Photo: Had a great time recording a radio show this morning. We talked about our farm, herbs, my book...oh and CHICKENS!
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As Fresh Eggs Daily® becomes more popular and well-known and I am beginning to field more and more offers to write and speak and appear, I am finding the delta between my personal life and 'professional' life narrowing and often times downright colliding! The daily dichotomy just makes me shake my head. I go from cleaning horse stalls while speaking with tv producers in New York, to making travel plans for speaking engagements with my hands sticky from kneading bread dough. I often speak with editors and publishers wearing mud-splattered muck boots, with a pocketful of eggs and straw in my hair.

I often have to stop writing an article to take a puppy play break, or pause from working on my next book to bring the chickens a treat. I've done many podcasts and interviews with the chickens clucking in the background because its feeding time; and have signed on new sponsors with a cacophony of ducks playing in their pool in the background.

Sunup to sundown, I find myself writing and rewriting, snapping photos and editing them, jotting down new ideas, going through photos on my cell phone as I stand filling water buckets, or working on a blog post as I stir a pot on the stove with the other hand. But I do love it (most of the time!) and feel so fortunate that all of these newfound opportunities allow me to share what Fresh Eggs Daily® is all about and promote natural chicken care to an ever-widening audience.

It is true that when you love what you do, you don't work another day in your life. However, I make sure I take time to relax and knit, bake or read for pleasure on a regular basis because these are the things that feed the soul. And of course country living is the absolute best destressor. Enjoy this peek at my week - and thanks for  coming along for the ride.

Photo: Good morning to you! Got any plans?

Photo: My sour dough starter looks like an Arab, but I promise you it's all American... My grandmother's vintage tea towel over a Ball jar!

Photo: I never thought I would say this about a duck... but Gregory is one handsome dude!

Photo: Serenity.... Just how I like it.

Photo: 100 degrees in the shade and Ophelia decided it was a good time for a dust bath!

Photo: -You know it's gonna feel like 100 today?
-I do Cecilia. I've got watermelon in the freezer for you already.
-Okay, just checking.... Can I have some treats now though?
-No Cecilia, eat your breakfast and then find a nice cool spot in the shade.

Photo: Everyone was glad for the sun to go down on this unbearably hot, humid day. We're hoping for a cooler tomorrow.

Photo: Guess who's broody? Sitting in the middle of the cut grass feast! Silly Ophelia!

Photo: What a way to end a holiday weekend! Hope you all had a great one!

Photo: Forget Manhattan, give me the country life!

Photo: Don't they though?

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  1. sehr interessant voller Block mir gefählt was sie geschrieben haben.

  2. I just grateful you find the time to blog and share your farm with us.
    What is the purpose of the plastic water trough being upside down on the platform?

    1. oh hahah! That's the ducks pool that I had emptied. I made them a swim platform which is what you're seeing!