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A Week in Farm Photos - Sept. 7th - 13th

Photo: I love watching the chickens and horses interact. The horses are so careful around the hens not to step on them.

Animals are cute, funny, beautiful, curious and smart. They are fascinating to watch, especially watching the different species interacting.  I derive so much joy from our farm and all our animals. I love spending time outside gardening or building something, and of course having a pasture full of animals just makes any day better. Despite lots of rain, we had such a pleasant week with our feathered and furry family members. Take a peek!

Photo: Cecilia, you're breakin' my heart.... Not a single blue egg yet. What's UP with that?

Photo: If it time to go poke around the pasture for a bit?

Photo: Payback I guess. Since Winston couldn't get the cheeseburger, he just stole an egg right out of the basket I left under the tree. He carried it all the way back to the house without a mishap at least!

Photo: Ducks give me such a sense of peace and contentment.

Photo: Ophelia helped me collect eggs this afternoon. She's such a friendly girl. Not sure if it's the Mottled Java breed or just her. Anyone know?

Photo: Linus is helping me tidy up the herb garden a bit. I've still got plenty of basil, marjoram, pineapple sage and mint. My regular sage, marigold and lavender are doing great as well... And my dill has reseeded itself so as long as the cooler temps roll in, I'll have a nice fall dill harvest. And I'll be planting some garlic soon to harvest next summer. I absolutely love herb gardening!

Photo: Aah... Sigh...I love cool crisp events watching the animals graze and waddle.

Photo: Warm duck eggs brighten up even the most gloomy days!

Photo: Sorry, busy evening. Last minute request for photos from a magazine editor for an article due tomorrow. Do you know how difficult it is to get a chicken to stand still on a horse stall door when there are bugs to chase and worms to pull? Not the easiest task to get this shot!

Photo: Little taskmaster! Maybe I should rename him Napoleon.

Photo: A lettuce piñata? For us?

Photo: Every morning includes a serious bug search after breakfast ! Woe to any bug that ventures into the run!

Photo: HAWK!

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  1. Beautiful photos. It looks so peaceful and really nice. Catherine

  2. Lovely photos again this week! I think my fave is the duck tilting its head! ;-) So sweet! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Beautiful images, as always!

    Have you announced the winner of the chicken coop contest yet? I probably missed it...

  4. Hi. beautiful pictures. How is Truffles?