A Week in Farm Photos - September 14th - 20th

Photo: Race for the pressure!   Whee!!!

What a wonderful week! The weather was perfect: cool and sunny - so I was able to get the garden prepped for my fall crops of broccoli, kale, chard, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, spinach - basically a duck's dream garden! Enjoy these photos of our week!

Photo: Molly has turned into such a pretty girl.... But I sure am eager for some dark brown eggs from her. (Blue Copper Marans)

Photo: School's out for the day! Time to play!

Photo: Good morning!

Photo: Busy morning here! I'm going to get my fall garden planted this morning. What are you up to?

Photo: Serious fun going on around here.

Photo: Truffle hanging out with her buddy Sundance.

Photo: Easter eggs daily?

Photo: My favorite time of day and favorite light to snap photos in.... Ethereal ducks.

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