A Week in Farm Photos - October 12th to 18th

I love fall! The cool crispness in the air in the early morning insists I put on socks and a sweater to do chores, and makes that cup of hot coffee taste even better, but warms by afternoon to a glorious sunny day to enjoy outside with our animals. I'm busily harvesting herbs to dry for winter, and we're picking the last of our berries, while our fall crops are starting to sprout in the garden. I've got the itch to bake again and cook simple comfort food for dinner. Evenings when the chill returns, a cup of hot tea hits the spot as I curl up with my knitting under a soft throw (and we can actually sleep with the windows open and the air conditioning off) What's not to love!

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  1. Well thank you Jennifer! I can't complain - I love country living!

  2. Soup!! This time of year makes me want to make lots of soup! Even though I live in Texas and it is still super hot! Pumpkins and squash make me start wanting to make soup, roast pumpkins and squash and make lots of treats with them! Pumpkin macaroons! Yum!!