Preserving Eggs the French Way

Egg production naturally slows as days get shorter. Of course you can light your coop to artificially stimulate your hens to lay, but I like to give our girls a much-needed rest in the winter. Recently I shared instructions on freezing eggs to use through the lean months, but here's another simple way to preserve fresh eggs, for a year or longer.

This method appears in The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable by Juliette de Bairacli Levy, originally published in 1952, and makes the claim that eggs preserved this way will keep for two years.

What you Need:

4 ounces olive oil
One dozen freshly laid eggs
Airtight container (I used two quart Ball canning jars)

What to Do:

Melt the beeswax in the olive oil. Dip the eggs in the warm liquid, making sure to completely immerse each egg. Set eggs to dry, then gently wipe each with a paper towel or soft cloth. Store eggs, pointy end down, in an airtight container filled with coarse sea salt. Be sure each egg is completely covered in salt and the eggs aren't touching each other.

This is my first time trying this method. It was quick and easy and I'm eager to see how it works. Check back with me next October and I'll tell you!

Note: The instructions didn't say whether the eggs should be washed or not. Since our eggs are clean when I collect them, I didn't wash them first. I thought leaving the natural 'bloom' intact would help keep air and bacteria out.

-You probably have everything you need already in your kitchen-
-Dip each egg and then let drip dry on a cooling rack-
-Wipe eggs and then place pointy end down in a container filled with sea salt-
-Eggs preserved this way should last for up to two years, so be sure to date them-
Source: The Complete Herbal Handbook for Far and Stable by Juliette de Bairacli Levy (Faber & Faber, 1952)

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  1. I purchase my beeswax at the local farmers market from my honey dealer.

  2. I'm new to fresh eggs... what do you all mean "mess with the bloom?"

  3. bloom is a protective coating that the hen's body secretes on the egg just before she expels it. It serves as a sealant from bacteria penetrating the shell. Unless my girls' eggs are visibly dirty, I do not wash my fresh eggs in order to leave the bloom on the shell.

  4. I never washed an egg. If there is poo on it, you scrape it off with a blunt knife.

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