Top Ten Blog Posts of 2014

December 30, 2014

Each December, I like to go back and make a list of the most-viewed blog posts from the previous year. I find it so interesting which posts end up being the most popular. It's such a roll of the dice when I write a post, not knowing if it will be a runaway success or a dud. I never know when I'm deciding on a topic if you, the readers, will enjoy reading it, share or pin it - so I learn a lot from these lists about what interests YOU and hope it will make the blog better in the coming year.

A Week in Farm Photos - December 21st to 27th

December 27, 2014

Much as I love all the preparation, baking and decorating that goes into Christmas,  I admit I'm always glad to have put it behind us each year so I can relax a bit and make plans for the new year. 2015 is shaping up to be even more exciting than 2014, so I hope you all stick around for the ride! 

Of course the animals are oblivious to all the holiday craziness, and I envy them that. They just enjoy each day as much as the last - although everyone did get new toys, extra treats and, of course, lots of holiday love! 

Merry Christmas from our Coop to Yours

December 25, 2014

From our coop to yours,

Which Holiday Leftovers are Safe for my Chickens?

December 23, 2014

Most of us end up with leftovers after our Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter feast - that's part of the fun of the holidays. I am asked all the time what is okay for chickens to have and what's not. Of course, any of these foods should be treated as 'treats' and fed only in limited amounts, but go ahead and share some of the feast with your feathered friends.

A Week in Farm Photos December 14th - 20th

December 20, 2014

This week brought our first blue eggs from our spring Ameraucanas! What a nice holiday surprise! The excitement of checking the nesting boxes for all the colored eggs never gets old!  Enjoy a peek at the rest of our week.

All about Eggs

December 16, 2014

A blood spot on the yolk of an egg doesn't indicate fertility, chickens will still lay eggs with no rooster present and feeding a chicken garlic won't make her egg taste like garlic. Read on for more facts and fiction about eggs.

A Week in Farm Photos - December 7th to 13th

December 13, 2014

December is marching along, and with it has come some temperatures into the 20s overnight, but the chickens are nice and cozy in their coop each night, the ducks in their houses, while Bella and Winston and Linus, the indoor/outdoor barn cat, enjoy the comforts of the house with us. Our tree is up and decorated, adding a cozy brightness to the living room. Come take a peek!

My Top Ten Favorite Chicken Blogs - The Best of the Best

December 12, 2014

Several months ago I shared my Top Ten Favorite Blogs HERE.  I'm sure many of you were surprised there was not a single chicken blog on the list! But believe it or not, much as I love my chickens, I do have other interests - like cooking. crafting, DIY, healthy living, etc. - and I do follow a wide range of blogs. However, I promised to share a list of my favorite chicken blogs with you all. So here it is.

Herbal Rx: Chicken, Heal Thyself!

December 9, 2014

One of the biggest stumbling blocks I run into trying to encourage others to raise their flocks naturally, without chemicals or antibiotics, is being asked Where's the proof? Where are the scientific studies? How do you know this works? 

A Week in Farm Photos - November 30 to December 6th

December 6, 2014

This past week was all about holiday decorating! Even though our chances for a White Christmas are slim here in Virginia, one can always hope, and I always try to bring as much holiday spirit into our home as possible regardless! New holiday banners are up on the blog, Facebook pages and other social media as well, so enjoy! I'm off to decorate our tree!

20 Cold-Hardy Chicken Breeds

December 5, 2014

Chickens tend to be cold-hardy in general, handling the winter months far better than the heat of the summer. But certain breeds, such as those with large combs and wattles, those with smaller body masses and some of the more fragile breeds don't do as well in the winter as those breeds considered cold-hardy.

Classic Eggplant Parmesan Recipe

December 3, 2014

Since we've begun raising our own chickens, I'm constantly amazed at how many eggs we use a week! I mean, before we got chickens, we used to have a big breakfast most Sunday mornings centered around scrambled or sunny side up eggs, and I would make omelets sometimes, but since being blessed with a seemingly never-ending abundance of fresh eggs, it seems that eggs creep into nearly every meal - and make every meal so much tastier! Case in point, this Classic Eggplant Parmesan recipe.

Spiced Pumpkin Ice Cream with Candied Ginger

December 1, 2014

After making a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving last week, I was left with half a can of pumpkin puree. Not wanting to throw it out, I stuck it in the refrigerator figuring I would give it to the chickens. Then I had a thought. I remembered having had pumpkin ice cream years ago and thought ... hmm, maybe I should try making some. 
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