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December 12, 2014

Several months ago I shared my Top Ten Favorite Blogs HERE.  I'm sure many of you were surprised there was not a single chicken blog on the list! But believe it or not, much as I love my chickens, I do have other interests - like cooking. crafting, DIY, healthy living, etc. - and I do follow a wide range of blogs. However, I promised to share a list of my favorite chicken blogs with you all. So here it is.

My criteria for this list is, of course, that the blog is primarily about chickens and that the blogger believes in using natural methods for the most part. I also tend to follow blogs that are well-written with gorgeous photography. These ten blogs are all top-notch, both in the information they deliver AND their delivery and appearance.

So in no particular order...

Lisa Murano is one of the very first chicken bloggers I started following back in 2010. As a breeder, she is very knowledgeable and writes on some very pertinent chicken keeping topics. Her blog Murano Chicken Farm is a wealth of great information. Recent posts have tackled Using Leaves as Coop Bedding, Getting your Chickens Ready for Winter and Bugs in Chicken Feed.

I write for the Backyard Poultry Magazine site online along with a handful of other very talented bloggers. But honestly, that's not why this is one of my favorite blogs! As far as community blogs go, I think this group is the very best line-up of bloggers (which is why I was so happy with join up with them). There is a new blog post every day and the nice thing is that it allows you to read about a wide variety of topics from various bloggers while you're waiting for your next issue of the print magazine to arrive!

This next blogger probably hadn't even been born yet when I got my first chickens back in 2009, if you can believe that! But she writes a wonderfully informative blog, with each post usually accompanied by her original artwork. She really grasps the fundamentals of chicken keeping and is able to share them concisely. The Junior Blogger over at ChickinBoots is one to watch! She represents the next generation of backyard chicken keepers and I think she's got a career as a heavy-hitting blogger ahead of her! And kudos to her mom for encouraging and enabling her!

Speaking of chicken artwork, Lauren Scheuer is one of my favorite chicken bloggers. In addition to writing the humorous blog Scratch and Peck, she draws adorable chickens which appear regularly on her blog and also in her illustrated memoir Once Upon a Flock.

Leigh writes the popular Natural Chicken Keeping blog. While she is a bit grittier in her chicken keeping than I am (i.e. she does eat her chickens and has no trouble butchering or doing a necropsy!), her advice and information is spot on and the forum tab on the blog is a wealth of information. Leigh is also a talented illustrator and photographer which makes her blog posts really shine.

Our friends at Nutrena Feeds write a blog called The Scoop from the Coop. A very informative website, recent posts have included How to Catch and Hold a Chicken, Salmonella Safety Tips and Why Chickens Take Dust Baths. This is a great blog for basic information on specific topics.

This next blog is actually written in Swedish (but there is a translate button option available). Sometimes the translated text is a bit wonky, but the photography is so beautiful and I so enjoy seeing how chickens are raised in another country, I sometimes don't even bother to translate it and am happy to just scroll through the photos. I highly recommend Katarina's Chicken Steps blog.

Lissa from My Pet Chicken writes a blog for their website. It's super informative and in addition to lots of chicken keeping advice and information from one of the largest hatcheries, the blog contains recipes, contests and giveaways and even some crafts.

Fairly new to the chicken blogging scene is Chris from The Eggs & I. She writes an incredibly humorous journal-style blog chronicling her trials and tribulations as she dives into chicken keeping. Her blog is laugh-out-loud funny and not to be missed. I predict Chris will be writing a memoir in the near future. I know I would buy it!

And last but not least, Chicken Street is a blog written by UK chicken breeder and author Andrew Cawthray. Again, it's interesting to read about chickens from someone raising them in another country. Recent topics have tackled chicken health, a homemade electrolyte recipe and suggestions on natural pest control.  

So there you have it. These are my favorite ten chicken blogs that I follow: the blogs whose posts I always am excited to see in my inbox and always learn something from, am entertained by or wowed by beautiful photography. They never disappoint, and the writers behind them are talented, smart and knowledgable.

My favorite way to follow blogs is via Bloglovin. All your favorite blogs in one place, one email a day with all the updates. Easy, clean, free and no-fuss. 

I hope you will visit some, or all, of these excellent blogs. And if YOU have a favorite chicken blog, please leave the link below.  I'm sure there are hundreds of chicken blogs out there that I've never stumbled across - and I am always on the lookout for new favorites. It was so hard to choose just ten...but I think you'll agree that my choices are all worth checking out!

I would love for you to join me here...
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  1. Do you suggest any particular hatcheries to order chicks from? This will be my family's first time raising chicks and I want to ensure we buy great quality and healthy chicks. Thank you! I have learned so much from your blog.


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