A Week in Farm Photos - January 4th to 10th

This week brought the coldest temperatures yet this winter with lows at night down to 12 degrees, which might not seem cold to you Northern folks, but to us Southern girls, that's pretty darned cold - especially coming off last Sunday which hit 70 degrees! But a little coconut oil to the combs and extra scratch grains and everyone is just fine. I even broke out some of my hand knit socks to keep my feet warm as I did chores!

The highlight of the week was definitely working on a photo shoot for Sloggers (I've shared some of the outtakes here), which involved wearing lots of cute boots ... and even some chicken wrangling! I hope you and yours are staying comfy and warm. Enjoy!

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  1. Ellen Riddle MariqueJanuary 11, 2015 at 5:59 PM

    Great photos as always! Love the Sloggers! What are they like inside? Love the colors!

  2. The Sloggers aren't lined. They're basically mud boots - I wear them year round here in Virginia. I just put a pair of heavy socks on in the winter - I do buy some pair a size larger to wear in the winter. They're really durable, economical and really cute!

  3. Ellen Riddle MariqueJanuary 12, 2015 at 5:19 PM

    Thanks. I have Bogs for the NH winters, and I have some mud boots, but if I'm out for a while They give me blisters. :( I will have to look into sloggers. But I never wear socks .! LOL

  4. What type of coconut oil do you use on their combs? I've been using Vaseline, but would much rather find a natural alternative. We have a flock of 10 girls at our school that I take care of in SC and I'm not there at night (we have an automatic door that locks them in the coop at night). I like to grease them up in the late afternoon before I leave if the temps are going to really drop and give them scratch, but since I'm new at this whole chicken keeping thing, I really worry about them on cold nights, especially frostbite. Thank you for all the info you share so willingly with all of us! I teach Kindergarten and have very little time for the internet, but I always make a point to read your blog! I also have your wonderful book and have shared much of it with the children in our after school chicken club : ) We are in love with our girls!

  5. I love my Bogs for winter. I wear my Sloggers all the time with no socks!