Permaculture Chickens Film Featuring Joel Salatin

February 6, 2015

I'm very excited to share with you a new project I'm involved with called Permaculture Chickens. It's an educational film about raising chickens in accordance with nature from hatching to the plate (and everything in between) and features the indomitable Joel Salatin and his Polyface Farm, among other influential voices in the chicken keeping community.

Of course raising chickens naturally and working with nature is right up my alley. When Justin Rhodes who is spearheading the project contacted me and asked me to help to promote the film and spread the word, I eagerly accepted.

This ambitious endeavor plans as an end result a professional quality feature film which will cover raising chickens in harmony with nature to provide your family a healthier lifestyle and the ability to raise your own flock for eggs (and meat, if you should so choose) for your family.

Here's a sneak peak at one of the topics which will be covered in the film:

-Read HERE to find out how to reduce your feed  costs and boost protein in your chickens' diet-
The Film Contents include:
  • Joel Salatin on why permaculture chickens.
  • Easily get started with your 1st flock.
  • Creative feeding programs sourced onsite to cut costs up to 100%.
  • Feed on compost, sprouts, wild foods, worms, tree crops, garden…
  • Lessen your work load by using chickens in the garden.
  • Appropriate housing options for coop’s and mobile shelters.
  • Using technology, like electric netting, to easily manage your birds.
  • Work with nature to maximize yields while minimizing inputs.
  • Humanely butcher and preserving for food security.
  • Preparing delicious dishes.
  • Making a right livelihood with profitable farmer, Joel Salatin.
  • Follow the pro's on large scale chicken chores at Polyface Farms.
  • See the city chick operations in Pat Forman’s back yard.
  • Minimizing health concerns with good management.
  • Breeding your own for 100% self sustainability with Jim Adkins.
  • Hatching chicks with mother hen to easily raise your own.
  • Adjust to winter and summer extremes to maximize production.
-Some of the winter management shots from the film-

The film will largely be shot this spring and summer on location at various farms and backyard chicken coops on the East coast and ready for viewing in the fall. A Kickstarter campaign has been set up to fund the project, and this is where you come in. Please help this wonderful project come to fruition. It will benefit chicken keepers everywhere by raising awareness of the benefits of keeping  a flock of chickens and hopefully help sway some of those areas that still don't allow backyard flocks to vote to change the laws, as well as encourage those who haven't yet taken the plunge into backyard chicken keeping to consider it seriously.
    -My concept of a juniper 'windbreak' which also serves as a barrier from predators' prying eyes made it into the film!-

The trailer for the film is amazing! It's top-notch and gives you the overall sense of what the film will entail. Take a peek here:

I hope you will consider a small donation. Every dollar will help. There are various 'rewards' for different pledge levels as an added incentive to contribute. We all work hard for our money and we all work just as hard to spend our money wisely. I think an investment in the future of backyard chickens and an educational film such as Permaculture Chickens is a wise investment!  I pledged my support! Will you?

I would love for you to join me here...

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  1. Thanks Lisa! The post looks great! Looking forward to working with you on this!

  2. We are doing the permaculture gardens with chicken tractors. I learned about it from an Australian guy on you tube. It has been only a week. It is super cool and we LOVE this lifestyle. We have monthly gardens and veg, fruit & herbs all over the property. The chick's are too young to free range yet, but are in cages over the garden space that is s either spent or not yet planted.


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