A Week in Farm Photos - March 22nd - 28th

It's spring! Everything is muddy and mucky, but there's green popping up all over.  It won't be long now before it's time to get the gardens planted. Spring is my favorite time of year. What's yours?

I would love for you to join me here...
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  1. I like the very first picture. The duck feathers look like a wedding dress. Although it may be a drake, I can't tell at this angle. And I like the very last picture. The roosters look so angry for being locked up.

    My favorite season? I don't know any more. All winder long I've been posting in my blog about how much I like winter. But now I am so tired of winter that I really like spring. I know summer is going to be all about work. So I would say summer is my least favorite season. But yet again, I may change my mind in a few months. I also like the autumn. All that harvest and pleasant temperatures. I guess I like them all at appropriate times.

    Thank you for the pics.


  2. Someone please tell me how to do the steam method for hardboiled eggs.