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A Week in Farm Photos - April 12th to 18th

This week I worked on final edits for my new book coming out this fall, recorded an episode of The Chicken Show, worked on a photo shoot for Sloggers new Chicken boot line, officially became a Duluth Trading Company Ambassador - and of course spent an inordinate amount of time just watching our new ducklings play. 

It's so nice to see blossoms on the apple trees and the wisteria already attracting bees, but sadly, soon we'll be leaving Virginia and returning to New England - where our hearts have always remained. Yup, that's right...the Fresh Eggs Daily Farm is FOR SALE!! Maybe we're nuts. We have a beautiful home and property here, and have made lots of good memories, but its time for us to head to snow country. We're Northerners through and through. So if you know anyone looking for a 6-acre hobby farm in Virginia....

-Overalls and Henley courtesy Duluth Trading Co.-


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  1. Oh what an exciting change! Will you be taking all your chickens and ducks with you? (Silly question...😉)

  2. Yes we will! The ducks and dogs will love the cold weather, our horses and chickens will appreciate cooler weather as well. The heat and humidity all summer really is hard on us all! But our new farm has a nice little barn and I'll be buying or building a new chicken coop for everyone.

  3. When I saw you were moving to New England from VA I thought you must be very brave given the winter we just had! Then I re-read your comment and saw the "back" to New England. That explains everything. Home has a way of staying with us wherever we go and calls us back sometimes. Welcome back to shorter growing seasons, slow springs that turn into hot summers overnight, beautiful falls and cold, cold winters. We New Englanders wouldn't change it for the world despite our complaining! As far as large combs go, I've had good luck with ointment applied daily preventing frostbite. Good luck with moving day.

  4. cute I've been wanting two ducklings and was wondering do your have any for sale? I know your moving and it would be hard to move all those chickens and ducks

  5. Best of luck in selling your home! My boyfriend and I are looking for a hobby farm (we live right over the NC/VA line, about 45 minutes from Suffolk) but we are looking to start from scratch. Your whole property is gorgeous!
    -- Emily

  6. We're actually taking them all with us! We have a plan...sort of!

  7. Yes, you understand. Those who have never lived in New England have trouble but you 'get' it. Home is calling.