A Week in Farm Photos - March 29th to April 4th

As is typical for spring, the temperatures have been bouncing around - sunny and warm one day and then windy and chilly the next. But the chickens and ducks know spring is in the air and have been gracing us with nests full of beautiful eggs. The grass is slowly poking up through the ground and our dogwoods are blooming. Buds are appearing on the apple trees and there are flowers in the garden again. Enjoy a look at our week!

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  1. One of the chickens was fine this morning and found dead in the pen this afternoon. Not a mark on her! ???

  2. This has happened to me several times in the 7 years I have raised chickens. Some chickens just live longer than others. As long as there are no signs of illness (runny beak, pale comb, etc) I accept it was just her time sadly. Some are prone to heart attacks which take them quickly. I also have 6 year olds that are healthy and still laying, I have had them as old as nine (rescue chickens) that were fine. This is just a part of raising chickens unfortunately.

  3. My husband and I got our first baby chicks about a month ago. I have found SO many helpful tips on your blog already. Thanks!!