They're Here! Sloggers Chicken Boots!

I've been wearing Sloggers for years. My first pair of Sloggers actually pre-dates our chickens, so that means they are more than six years old - and I still wear them. You can't beat Sloggers for durability, quality or price AND they're made right here in the USA. 

So imagine my excitement when Sloggers asked me to help them launch their brand new chicken boot line! I happily agreed - I mean muck boots and chickens are two of my very favorite things - and then eagerly awaited my shipment of boots prior to the official launch so I could take some photos for Sloggers to use in their advertising!

Several days later the box arrived and I found two pair of boots and two pair of shoes - in a beautiful dark barn red and a cheerful bright yellow. I couldn't wait to get started snapping photo wearing them!

I had a lot of fun taking these photographs! I enlisted Annie, our Australorp, to help me with the yellow boot photos. We ended up with an awful lot of outtakes!

By the time I was ready to change into the shoes, Annie was long gone! So I was on my own for this shoot!

By the time I was ready to start taking some shots of the red boots, Annie decided she was done with her break and ready to work again (union rules I guess?), but her enthusiasm was short-lived so I enlisted Ophelia for a few photos as well.  Then I finally gave up on them both and went with a basket of eggs. MUCH more easy to work with! They stay put!

Since my hired help had all long quit on my by the time we got ready to shoot the red shoes, I enlisted the eggs again. Maybe not as cute as a chicken, but far more cooperative!

So there you have it, the four styles in the new Sloggers chicken book line.  Buy one, buy them all! I would love to know what your favorite style/color is. Leave me a comment!

-proud to have taken all these shots for the Sloggers promotion-

Love the artwork? Meet the artist behind these cute boots: Sarah Rosedahl​

Disclaimer: I was provided product by the company to review and photograph at no cost to me. The links included in this post are affiliate links and if you click on a link and make a purchase, I will receive a portion of the purchase price, at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way by the gift. I mean, c'mon, chicken boots made in the USA? What's not to love?

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  1. These are going to be my Mother's Day gift this year! :) I'm getting the yellow shoes. (Though the boots are tempting too...)

  2. Adorable. You should talk them into letting you host a giveaway. :P

  3. Ordering my Mother's Day gift!! Getting the yellow ones....

  4. Oh My Goodness!! I must have these boots!! These are moving up to the top of my wish list. lol