A Week in Farm Photos - June 21st - 27th

This week Virginia (and lots of other places all over the country) suffered through heat indices well over 100 degrees and high humidity. What made it even worse for us here was that I was out of town, so all the farm chores fell to my husband in addition to his 'day job'. But he did an awesome job of making sure everyone had plenty of cool water in the morning before he left for work, and then cooling treats and fresh water when he got home each afternoon. He even had four broodies to deal with! But I came back home to greet everyone doing just fine, and even our gardens pulled through the difficult weather. Enjoy this peek at our week. And stay cool!

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  1. I always learn a lot from your website...and, my hens benefit from it!

  2. I love your website! There's always so much great information and wonderful ideas. My 'poop troop' loves the fresh herbs and treats I make for them! Keep the photos coming, I love looking at your lovely farm and all your feathered and furry 'kids'.