A Week in Farm Photos - November 22nd - 28th

November 28, 2015

This week brought both our first New England Thanksgiving in more than a decade...and snow....making it seem more like Christmas than Thanksgiving around here! Regardless, we thoroughly enjoyed both events (although the chickens could have done without the snow!) and hope you enjoy this peek at our week!

Traditional New England Apple Pie

November 24, 2015

Apple pie has long been a favorite of my husband's, so a few years ago, I convinced his father (a lifelong New Englander) to share his legendary recipe with me. Over the years, I've tweaked it a bit to our liking, and now want to share it with you. I use apple cider vinegar in the crust for a flakier crust, and serve the pie alongside a thick slick of Cheddar cheese - making it a true New England dessert! 

A Week in Farm Photos - November 15th- 21st

November 21, 2015

Another week in the beautiful state of Maine. This time last year, apparently the ground was already covered with snow that didn't entirely melt until sometime in May, so anytime we mention the white stuff to the locals, we are met with stony glares. But we're secretly hoping for snow. We've been waiting more than a decade for a proper white Christmas!  Enjoy this peek at our week!

All about Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes

November 18, 2015

Nesting boxes are where your chickens lay their eggs - or at least where they should lay their eggs! By providing enough boxes that are the right size, in the right location in your coop, filled with soft nesting material, you can encourage your chickens to use the boxes so your eggs will be clean and unbroken when you go to collect them.

A Week in Farm Photos - Nov 8th to 14th

November 14, 2015

Autumn has been holding on tight here in Maine. We've been lucky to enjoy days in the high 50s and low 60s and nights barely falling into the 30s. We're taking full advantage of the nice weather to get our new run finished - and hoping that the chickens hurry up and finish molting before the temperatures dip much lower, giving way to winter.  Enjoy this peek at our week!

How Do I Keep my Chicken Eggs from Freezing?

November 10, 2015

Eggs left out in your coop uncollected during the winter months can freeze and crack. Are they still safe to eat? What if an egg is frozen, but not cracked? Here is some advice on handling frozen eggs as well as tips to attempt to keep your eggs from freezing in the first place.

A Week in Farm Photos - Bill Green's Maine Television Appearance

November 7, 2015

We haven't been living in Maine very long, so I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by Bill Green, TV personality and host of the Emmy-award winning show Bill Green's Maine, to be featured in a segment. The show airs every Saturday evening at 7pm on WCSH6 out of Portland and WLBZ2 out of Bangor and spotlights Maine people and places, so to be asked to be on the show is just  such an honor.

All about Roosting Bars in your Chicken Coop

November 3, 2015

Roosting bars are where your chickens should perch to sleep at night inside their coop. I get questions all the time from people building their own coops wondering exactly how the roosts should be built: how high, out of what material, how far apart...so here's all you need to know about roosting bars.
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